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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:18am 24/05/11 | 4 Comments
Further to all the information flooding the interwebz today regarding BioShock Infinite after Irrational's showing late last week here in Los Angeles (where I'm currently located in preparation for E3), comes a handful of new screenshots showing off the game.

Yours truly didn't get to see it, but our mate Joab over at GameArena did, and at the Infinite party I crashed, he couldn't stop the steam coming out of his ears from what he was shown. The rest of the press on-hand had equally positive things to say about it, including phrases like "Game of the Year, for sure!".

We should have more on BioShock Infinite from the E3 show-floor, but for now, click on the thumbnails below to check out the new screens.

bioshock infinitescreenshotse3irrational games
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:55am 24/5/11
The flying guy and the chick in blue look almost like paintings, fairly cool if screenshots.
Posted 01:17pm 24/5/11
Is there a release date for this? Bioshock 2 was so disappointing, I never even ended up finishing it, but this looks awesome!
Posted 01:19pm 24/5/11
I see knockers. I'm intersted in this game now.
Posted 02:05pm 24/5/11
Looks nice, but I haven't heard anything about the game that sounds all that exciting yet.

To be honest, the most compelling thing about the first game was the setting. The gameplay was good, but nothing terribly exciting. I'll probably wait until this is out and reviewed before I consider buying.
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