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Post by Dan @ 11:32am 23/05/11 | 3 Comments
While droves of action RPG fans wait with baited-breathe for the launch of Diablo 3, let's not forget that there are some other upcoming titles in the genre that also hold a lot of promise. One such game is Torchlight 2, the forthcoming multiplayer sequel from Runic Games, the Seattle-based studio formed by the co-founders of Blizzard North -- Diablo's original creators.

Runic have let us know that they have more new information online regarding Torchlight 2, courtesy of a couple of developer blogs on their official site. The new details offered describe "how the Overworld works, events, pathing, randomization, and just how big the world of Torchlight II is".

Click over to for Making the World of Torchlight II : By Lead Level Designer Patrick Blank and Level Design and Art Q&A with Patrick Blank and Art Director Jason Beck.

Torchlight 2 is expected (but not yet confirmed) for a July 2011 launch on Mac and PC.

torchlight 2runic games
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:34am 23/5/11
Nice, looking forward to this game. I spent a good 60+ hours in Torchlight and reading this has just made me reinstall it :P
Posted 12:33pm 23/5/11
"Runic have left us know..." fix that grammatical error :P Should be "Runic have let us know...". Can't wait for Torchlight II, looks really good, and the added multiplayer sounds awesome.
Posted 01:46pm 23/5/11
Hopefully getting to spend some time with this one at E3
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