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Post by E.T. @ 08:15pm 18/05/11 | 11 Comments
It looks like the developers have been listening and working hard to fix some aspects of World of Tanks as a major new patch has just landed. They have also included 2 new maps with this patch. I hope the tank visibility tweaks are a big improvement. Invisible heavies charging at you has been a real piss-off. A snippet of the changes are available below; for the full list check out this post in the official forums:
•Added new vehicles: premium heavy Lowe and KV-5, KV-13 and Pz38NA, tier 8 SPGs: Object 261, GW-E serie, T-92.
•Readjusted visibility parameters of all vehicles while standing still and on the move.
•Introduced detailed damage mechanics for tracks. Reworked durability of tracks and repair time for all vehicles.
•Increased match-making value for tier 9 medium tanks.
•Reworked vehicle movement system – sticking at vertical surfaces and map borders is nearly eliminated. Reduced chance of getting stuck in terrain objects.
•Changed damage mechanics for tracks. You can damage tracks if you hit the leading or the rearmost wheel of the tank. It will be much more difficult to detrack it by hitting middle part of the tank.
•Added the possibility of dismounting non-demountable equipment (Rammer, Coated Optics and other) for 10 gold.
•Added the automated ban system for teamkillers.
•Added new maps: Mountain Pass and Steppes.
•Corrected a lot of mistakes connected with objects’ disposition, passing ability, getting stuck on most of the maps.
•Fixed a lot of rendering errors, increased the efficiency of advanced dynamic shadows
You can download the full World of Tanks client now locally from AusGamers (~2GB), or if you're an existing Tanker we have the patch available as well (~900MB). promoted/edited forum item

world of tankspatch
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:18pm 18/5/11
That is just a tiny list of all the changes btw, the full list is massive.
Posted 08:20pm 18/5/11
You didnt expect me to post the full list really did you?
Posted 08:33pm 18/5/11
A link or two would have been appropriate.
Posted 08:48pm 18/5/11
cant find the full list. If you have the link, post it bud.
Posted 10:05pm 18/5/11
pretty good changes, been playing this game only since I got my new pc a couple of days ago
Posted 10:42pm 18/5/11
Can someone give me a spiel on this game? Keep hearing it of late.
Posted 10:55pm 18/5/11
counterstrike but youre a tank
Posted 12:32am 19/5/11
^ Not even close
Posted 12:54am 19/5/11
I know theres more to it Hermitech, I'm not knocking it. Have been playing it for over a week now and not much else when I have time for the PC, but the basics are the same :) you got your snipers, your campers and people that rush
Posted 09:54am 19/5/11
Downloaded and been looking at gameplay videos, looks really good.
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