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Post by Dan @ 09:06am 18/05/11 | 14 Comments
The Witcher 2 isn't the only big RPG to be hitting the PC this week, as Microsoft Games have just launched the PC version of the previously Xbox 360-exclusive Fable 3. Fable 3 can now be found in Australian stores and on the Games for Windows service and Microsoft have even embraced the competition this time around with a Steam release to boot.

Developer Lionhead had assured PC gamers that this wouldn't be just another quick console-port and they look to have at least made good on that promise. Nachos takes a good look at the PC-specific game in today's review.

fable 3pcreviewlionheadmicrosoft
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:58am 18/5/11
As far as I can tell Fable II never came to PC, so for people without an xbox it's kind of an awkward step to consider making...
Posted 10:02am 18/5/11
Yeah, it's a little odd, but then it's set 50 years after Fable 2, so I don't think it really depends on much/any prior knowledge of the previous game.
Posted 10:19am 18/5/11
Interesting, might get it.
Posted 02:07pm 18/5/11
played it on xbox waste of money
Posted 03:52pm 18/5/11
Had Fable on original xbox was good back then, got lost chapters on pc, sad Fable 2 never made it to pc, dunno if i'll get Fable 3 without a play thru of 2.
Posted 05:48pm 18/5/11
All of the screenshots are from the official site. Did you actually even play it???
Posted 06:54pm 18/5/11
So because I didn't capture my own screenshots, you think I didn't play the game? Seriously?

Did you actually even read the review?
Posted 07:08pm 18/5/11
Got to the prequel hate and stopped. Better luck next time!
Posted 10:22pm 19/5/11
If you are smart, don't get this. I was so excited for this game, and I got punched in the face so hard how crap it was. Be smart, get a game like Obivion or wait until SKyrim comes out. Fable 1 was amazing, but ever since then all the Fables have been a disgrace to medieval RPG's. Lionhead needs to start working on a Dungeon Keeper 3 and stop with these pathetic attempts at fables.
Posted 12:18am 20/5/11
As far as I can tell Fable II never came to PC, so for people without an xbox it's kind of an awkward step to consider making...

Exept for me, who had a xbox which red ringed and so is a hunk of broken s*** in a box. The controllers use are for the PC which makes it quite neat. Too bad PC doesn't directly play xbox360 games.
Posted 12:55am 20/5/11
Pretty much what jumpy said, chads review is also spot on, except the part where he said he died. twice. Seriously? you died in this game? what did you drop the controller into a fishbowl by accident? :D

But in all seriousness I would give this game a 7 for one single redeeming environment. The demon door (for the king i believe?) where you can change dimensions from planet to planet? Absolutely gobsmacked me. Best part of the game. The music and ambience and breadth of possible interpretations, really great.

Worst part of the game was the ending, however. Not as bad as the fable 2 ending i suppose but that would be due to me expecting it.

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Posted 06:10am 20/5/11
Be smart, get a game like Obivion

If you are smart, don't get this. I was so excited for this game, and I got punched in the face so hard how crap it was. Be smart, get a game like Morrowind.

Posted 08:48am 20/5/11
Buying this game and expecting your average medieval RPG is stupid, that's probably why you were so disappointed.
I reckon it's great fun with a mate, and the world is so full of character and life. It has a great atmosphere.

If they ever decided to make a serious RPG the world itself I think would be second to none, it's just a shame molyneux (sp?) seems more interested in the social crowd these days.
Posted 04:29am 10/6/11
I know i'm bumping the thread along with the review but i grabbed this off steam and finished it, even left the game on for long enough to accrue the 8 million gold you need to cover all the kingdom expenses.

I'd steer away from this:
Story wise, it takes about 14 hours to complete, of which 8 are very average but passable plot, and 6 are trivial boring micro/macro-management tasks as ruler of Albion. Then the game just ends. Literally you wake up one day and you finish the game. I can't even express how disjointed this felt. I thought it was a dream, a premonition, a warning. Nope they just say that despite the tremendous ammounts of money you threw, they still weren't prepared.

Spoiler, you sign a pledge that you promise to have 0 casualties.. and then it takes all the kingdom resources and puts it into (supposedly) an army. The very next loading screen assumes you only have whatever remaining money in the castle to put into the army and calculates your losses, which displays as nearly all of albion. I'm sure it's just a glitch, but for a second I was like "well f***".

The combat system is completely unbalanced, spells and guns are the only ways to fight. Hordes of monsters melee swings will interrupt your own . You have no armour and no health, just a gears of war style red glow. That doesn't mean the combat is hard, it just means that occasionally between slaughtering everything from a distance, they'll hit you and you'll use a potion.

The mechanics of this game are about the weapons, the only stat is weapon damage. Literally, the only number in this game is on your weapons. But you'll never notice. There was supposed to be this idealistic game where your weapon would grow with you and you could make the choice to sell on this weapon. Two reasons that choice never happened; you never became short of money and secondly the weapons you start with are more than enough to complete the game without pausing to test anything else.

There was a combat designer? He must have taken a break. No boss battle was interesting or different from any random world spawn fights. Well, actually, usually they'd fight you one on one which was actually much easier than fighting 14+ enemies that you'd normally encounter on the roads between places.

Art? I thought we were in an industrial revolution, it's a perfect setting considering the recent rise in steam punk culture! Why not cash in and invent some of your own? We'll never know why. The only steam powered cool looking thing fell off the rails before you could use it, and never comes back. It was a brief cameo.

Emotions in this game are simplified and meaningless. Fable 2 where precision of timing to perfect your pose could result in doing more harm than good, and thinking about what pose would impress what people. In fable three this is simplified. Hold A, and within 2-5 seconds of your controller vibrating and the glow around the "a" completing, release A. Do this once or twice and you will get EXP and make a friend who will want you to find something or deliver something.

Multiplayer is amazing. Seriously, you can turn on orbs and see everyone else who is nearby you in their own game! You can join them and participate them. Sadly, the first thing this causes is you to turn off "orb" sound because everyone seems to be a griefer playing nothing but glitch noises. Or maybe it was the voice codec. Ok well that's fine, you'll talk with whoever joins your game, or you join theirs. Wrong again. Because to talk, you have to go into games for windows live, invite them into a private conversation and then you might be able to talk to them. But by then, you've been idle for so long they've moved to another persons game or kicked you.

If this was Fable, the first fable, never any fables before it I could totally understand this as a cheap 50 dollar steam game. But it's not, it's literally just gone backwards from the previous games. It's short, unfulfilling and boring.

I felt insulted by this game.
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