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Post by Dan @ 01:22pm 17/05/11 | 41 Comments
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The hotly anticipated RPG sequel from Poland's CD Projekt RED, can now be found in Australian stores exclusively for PC and we have a new launch trailer for your viewing pleasure.
The second installment in the RPG saga about the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, features a thoroughly engrossing, mature storyline defining new standards for thought-provoking, non-linear game narration. In addition to an epic story, the game features an original, brutal combat system that uniquely combines tactical elements with dynamic action. A new, modern game engine, responsible both for beautiful visuals and sophisticated game mechanics puts players in the most lively and believable world ever created in an RPG game.
Digital distribution of the game from Steam and (DRM free and superiorly priced) GOG.com don't kick off until tomorrow.

Still currently a PC exclusive title, there has been more recent murmurs that ports for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of The Witcher 2 are still a possibility. If true, we expect to find out more at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles next month.

Watch the launch trailer below, or click here for the HD option.

the witcher 2trailercd projekt

Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 01:26pm 17/5/11
Went down to EB and picked up a copy, and the guy working there gave me all the premium extra's for free (DLC card, mouse and mouse pad). Got home, installed it, updated it, only to discover I still can't play the bloody thing for another 13 hours!!!
Posted 03:35pm 17/5/11
That's rather weak. Think I'll just hang out until tomorrow and grab the GOG.com version. If all goes to plan we'll hopefully have a comp in the coming days to giveaway some PC related Witcher 2 goodies, so keep an eye out for that one.
Posted 01:53pm 17/5/11
Apparently the gog.com version unlocks 7AM GMT, which is in 3 hours time.

But I have the US edition :D

That will teach you to purchase retail Tanaka!
Posted 03:28pm 17/5/11
why must they release this at the end of semester and start of exams, its like they want me to fail.
Posted 04:41pm 17/5/11
If you have the GOG version you can start downloading the final chunk.
Posted 05:38pm 17/5/11
Definitely going to get the non-australian version. Can't stand censorship of content, no matter how "insignificant" they claim it is.
Posted 05:44pm 17/5/11
Anyone else managed to start downloading the final chuck?
I can't seem to.
Posted 05:57pm 17/5/11
Worked fine here, I just ran the GOGDownloader and it resumed downloading the rest of it.
Posted 07:33pm 17/5/11
Haha, brain fart.
I thought I closed it and re-opened it, but it turned out I just minmised it >.>
Posted 03:29am 18/5/11
Sigh, this game fails at combat just as hard as the first.
If your going to make combat so f*****g in-depth and finicky you need to give us a bit more than some s***** roll and a parry/block that looks like my grandma when she sneezes.
If you get surrounded by enemies you are completely f***ed, as they just lay down epic sword slashes into your ass as you roll around like a f*****g nitwit, and thats on easy diff. lulz at the poor f*** that tries insane or even hard.
The Story seems really interesting and the world is awesome, but I'm not putting up with the farce that they call combat just for that.

what a massive let down. f*** you CDP RED, you've taken my hard earned one too many times.
Posted 08:51am 18/5/11
If combat isnt your thing, put the game on easy.

On normal the combat is actually quite challenging and you just can't wonder in and swing your sword till things die. Unfortunately the game doesn't let you in slowly. It throws 3/4 mob encounters at you right away.

Once I figured out the combat system and how to work it, the game got a lot easier. But some kind of training beforehand would have been nice. Even some easy encounters that lead up to progressively more difficult ones would have been nice.

Some tips for people just starting on normal:
Use your magic as much as possible. Learn what the 5 spells do and use them liberally. Also, if you are up against multiple mobs you have to kite around and attack when you aren't surrounded. Use the direction+space bar to roll/dodge to get into a good vantage point. As soon as a dude blocks your attack, roll back out of the way and come back in later. Don't just run into a pack of mobs and start swinging because they will pwn you. Also, healing potions can only be used from inside the menu system. Health will regen when you are out of combat.

Also, bewbs.
Posted 09:26am 18/5/11
I'd like to mention you can also place traps during the beginning sequence too.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:42am 18/5/11
I'd just be happy to get the bloody game to play. It's been installed but every time I click the launch game button the witcher symbol comes up on the screen for about 20 seconds then it goes back to the menu. It is telling me that I'm online and I have registered the game.
Randy Cambell
Posted 10:06am 18/5/11
Thunder cracker has a good point just takes a little while to get used to combat style! i died about 5 times in the 1st fight sceen when you have to shot that big bow gun! after that you gain a few levels and it is a lot easy to work with.Great game and story, runs great on nvidia gpus to +cant notice content that has been removed due to au censorship s***.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 05:11pm 18/5/11
ARGH!!! Seriously this game is killing me and I can't even get it to friggen install. Their website is crap and once I filled out the "contact us" section with a problem the site kept giving me an error. I have no friggen idea whats wrong.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 05:54pm 18/5/11
Well finally got mine working, turns out my game doesn't like full screen mode. Once I changed that the game loads just fine.
Posted 06:20pm 18/5/11
Yeah at first the combat system is so stacked against you. No hints or help out s*** works, it just throws you into the fray and you get f***ed six ways from sunday. After about 30 min you start working out that you NEED to use the shield spell and ones like knock down and traps. Great game. My new beast of a PC is running this 1920x1080 ultra settings at a solid 50+ fps.
Posted 06:58am 20/5/11
WOW, the ramblings of old wise men are correct, the game does throw you in the deep end with combat.

I'm not impressed with how heavily used kiting is so far. Kiting is the LEAST epic approach to spectacular fight scenes. It may have worked for Miyamoto Musashi but he was a smelly old man.

Using the shield spell lets you stand and fight for a bit which is good. 1-3 vs you is good no kiting needed, when you are taking on 6 or so yer..

Anyway other then kiting the game is great, except Doors, DOORS ARE STUPID IN THIS GAME.

Performance is a little lacking, hopefully a patch will sort that out a bit.
Posted 08:40am 20/5/11
Yeah I've come to grips with the combat, it's just so s*** that your a bad ass sword fighting mutant superhuman and you constantly have to RUN AWAY..
The animations are so f*****g slow too, I ran away from a bunch of dudes and proceeded to drop a trap, before I knew it the f*****s were standing on top of me and the trap blows with all of us standing there.
Oh and wtf with not being able to meditate at certain spots where you really need too... silly.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:27am 20/5/11
Game looks amazing but as usual the controls are f*****g s***. Cant even bind the arrow keys on the keyboard. WTF? You'd think being 2011, developers would let you map any key on the keyboard. F*****g lazy.
Posted 09:48am 20/5/11
WASD rev. Get with the times!

Or are you one of those strange lefties.
Posted 10:31am 20/5/11
You can bind the keys Rev.

Open launcher, go to video and something. There will be a tab for keyboard bindings in there. Stupid you can't do it in-game though.

OOOOO, you saying you cant bind the arrow keys with that? That sucks.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:28am 20/5/11
Yeah, when you try and change the movement key it says invalid. It lets you choose other letters but not the arrow keys. And I remember Steve saying they've made the controls much better for the sequel.

tsk tsk

Posted 11:44am 20/5/11
I just read that the patch next week will include enabling the remapping of movement keys. You have to wait a week Rev.

I guess everyone on their development board played with wasd, no-one thought to try changing the movement keys lol.
Posted 11:48am 20/5/11
Got any good videos of gameplay in this?
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:46pm 20/5/11
Awesome. I'll wait for that patch before I start playing it.
Posted 01:01pm 20/5/11
This thread has put me off >.<
Posted 01:43pm 20/5/11
1 thing I hate is when trying to do quests, you're really reduced to talking to EVERY SINGLE F*****G NPC YOU SEE, in hopes they tell you something about it. 1 of the first optional quests you get to clear out some nekkers... good f*****g luck working out what to do until you have already killed about 25 of them. Then you need to work out how to blow up their nests. No hints, no text about a special item you need... your just expected to know exactly what to do. I call bulls*** on that.
Posted 01:52pm 20/5/11
I like that, for too long have quests been totally guided for the player. I'M LOOKING AT YOUR DA 1&2!

Evis, the game is really good for me so far. Just a couple of issues. stupid use of doors and the oddly inverted combat, ie starts of hard then gets easier as you advance. I'm OK with that, just wish there was less kiting involved for the first couple of levels.

I still think Skyrim is going to pants Witcher 2.
Posted 02:27pm 20/5/11
Just started playing, tried on normal and died like 500 times on every pack so I just put it on easy. Also, door bosses! I love sitting there swinging at the door.

But yeah, whatever everyone else said. You get thrown in the deep end (didn't even know there was a shield spell) combat seems so clunky and all about how well you can kite, controls are a tad annoying but the story seems decent.

Not sure if I'll play to the end but only 15 mins in it's ok.
Posted 04:02pm 20/5/11
Just started chapter 1 and got the dreaded "you are overencumbered" fuuuuuuuuck, most annoying thing in rpgs, its all crafting s*** too and this early in the game im not quite sure whats rare and whats trash, and apparently theres no stash where you can store unwanted crap like in the first game at the taverns?

Annoying enough having to click on every single chest too, especially when they bunch like 10 in a room all over the place, rather than just one with all the stuff in it, now do i have to check whats in all those chests to see if its worth picking up?

And yeah combats a bit clunky, like sometimes block doesnt activate, so rather than risk using it i just hit and roll most of the time, potions help, but most of the time i cbf meditating to use them before a fight, that and creating them - the alchemy interface is not the best, in the first you could pretty much tell what ingredients you had a lot of and could waste on potions, and what rare ingredients you have, whereas in 2 it looks more stramlined, yet less easy to see things at a glance. (havent delved too deeply into it yet though)
Targetting in combat can be a bit iffy too, youll have 3 guys lined up, go to swing and find youve targetted the one in the rear, ending up charging right into the middle of the pack, oh and the guy you meant to attack had like 5% health and was about to die too, yet now he is behind you and takes half your health.

Looks good though, story seems decent, although i laughed when Spoiler:
the monk at the start takes off his robe and is 7 feet tall and just as wide, yet no one seemed to notice til them
also the assassins creed nod gave me a chuckle, and as i am only at the start of chapter one im sure ill get used to the combat.
Posted 04:46pm 20/5/11
Still plowing through the first game.

Can you punch NPCs for no reason like in Mass Effect 2?

Posted 07:03pm 21/5/11

A couple of weight mods, f*****g sick of rpgs where i spend as much time in my inventory as i do killing s***.
Posted 07:56pm 21/5/11
Then you need to work out how to blow up their nests. No hints, no text about a special item you need.
Heh, I just did that quest and there actually was some decent guidance and hints for it. The journal says to look for some information about the creatures, so I went and found a bookseller that had a book about them. You read the book and it tells you that you need those grape bombs to blow the nests.

It's a pretty unforgiving game and rarely holds your hand through anything, but when you start to lay some smack down and make some progress, it's pretty rewarding. Loving the narrative.

My only real complaints would be the annoying context actions and animation waits for basics things like climb a ladder, jump down a ledge or open a gate; the function that blocks quicksaving when there's enemies nearby and the lack of a f*****g invert mouse option (you have to manually edit the config to do it).

Other than that, I'm really digging it. The unforgiving combat that punishes the s*** out of you if you don't pay enough attention can suck when the going is tough, but it does seem to make it more rewarding when you make it through alive.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 08:08pm 21/5/11
I think the thing is too the more you fight a mob the more info gets put into your journal about them.
Posted 08:21pm 21/5/11
Yer I figured that I'd need a bomb for that nest quest. going to be making some. I didn't think to read the book though. Was just going to craft up some sort of explosive bomb and give it a go. Glad I'm on the right track.
Posted 08:22pm 21/5/11
Yeah if you had played the first one you would have remembered to look at books before doing monster side quests, and it also says that in the quest description.. but then again if you hadnt played the first and hadnt talked to all the vendors you might have not known that books were even an option at that point.
Posted 08:33pm 21/5/11
then again if you hadnt played the first and hadnt talked to all the vendors you might have not known that books were even an option at that point.
Pretty much. It basically drops you right in the deep end with a brutal learning curve.

The tutorial parts were pretty pissweak. Without pausing any of the enemies that are in the middle of bum rushing you, it just briefly flashes up a whole bunch of text in a dialogue box giving you some very basic information (in a f*****g tiny font if you have a high resolution set).

I learnt far more by just reading the PDF manual external to the game, which was actually kind of nostalgic in a way. Old school styles.
Posted 08:43pm 21/5/11
I like how it dumps you in the deep end. It reminds me of the old skool RPG's like Death Knights of Krynn.
Posted 12:12pm 22/5/11
So far chapter 1 is pretty solid. With a few upgrades, combat is getting easier.
Posted 08:40pm 22/5/11
Having mad laughs at the guys saying "quests not telling me anything, game is too hard" and various other whinges. Witcher 1 was brutal and even worse then this.

So many times I have gripped my head in frustration at dying X amount of times, but you know what? I'm loving it. I'm sick of games holding me by the penis and jerking me left and right through some tailor made 'action cutscene'. I left proud when I worked out the kayran thing, even more proud when I read the boils about the nekkers and blew the s*** out of them.

I love this game. Infuriatingly hard, but better then being bulls*** easy.
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