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Post by darkjedi @ 11:12am 15/05/11 | 29 Comments
It's a week late, but Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has come out overnight in a pre-recorded video to announce that Sony has indeed started bringing back Playstation Network and Qriocity services worldwide. Phase 1 has already commenced, which brings back a number of services including:
  • The ability for users to sign in to PSN and Qriocity
  • Return of online gaming for both PS3 and PSP users
  • Music Unlimited for PS3 and PC
  • Access to friends lists and Trophies
  • Playstation Home
During his talk, Hirai outlined that Sony is making the protection of consumer data "A full time, company wide commitment" from now on, but acknowledged that even "loyal customers were tested" during the extended downtime. When he shifted to discuss why the restoration took so long, Hirai highlighted that the "attacks were serious and sophisticated", adding that Sony took time to install new measures and verify the networks before restoring them. One of these new measures Sony have put in place is a mandatory firmware update and password change when you log back into the PSN for the first time. This password change can only be done from the PS3 you activated the account from or from the registered email address associated with it.

Whilst Hirai only briefly touched on details of the welcome back package, he confirmed that the regional Playstation sites will be carrying what will be offered in the next few days. The package is designed to get people back to using the Playstation Network and content services "that you've missed".

I'm yet to go fire up my Playstation 3 to test it out, has anyone else had a go this morning and noticed that they could access PSN again? promoted forum item

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Posted 11:17am 15/5/11
Yeah, its back on

Downloading the 3.61 update now. It's taking ages, I guess their servers are getting a hammering.

Given the suppposed complete redesign of the PSN, I would've thought this would be at least v4

I wonder how many new passwords will be sonysux or similar
Posted 11:18am 15/5/11
While a minor breach in contrast to the sony one, Square-Enix got hacked and they lost 25,000 email addresses and about 350 resumes in their canadian section. The hackers are out lately it seems.
Posted 11:28am 15/5/11
still not enough for me to update and lose my JB.
Posted 11:28am 15/5/11
Probably punishment for releasing Final Fantasy XIV ;)

Embedded link of the video for anyone who doesn't want to click through:

It's a far cry from "Riiiiiddge Racer!" that's for sure.
Posted 11:29am 15/5/11
I just updated to 3.61 or whatever the new version is. Went to sign in and im still getting the under maintenance error message?
Posted 11:50am 15/5/11
^ same. Patched but still no psn.
Posted 11:58am 15/5/11
yeah scratch what I said, thought the new patch meant s*** was back up, but the patching utitlity never actually went down.

Posted 12:22pm 15/5/11
yeah Im patched. Thanks for vid link!

Looking forward to the free loot

Just some additional clarity, as there has been a lot of information to digest. The restoration process is phased, so even if you have updated your PS3 to system software 3.61, you still will not be able to sign into PSN to change your password until the actual PSN servers have been brought back onilne. We will update you as soon as we know when this will happen.
Posted 12:13pm 15/5/11
I just checked mine and whilst I'm all nicely patched, I can't access PSN via my AU or US accounts. Ah well.
Posted 12:31pm 15/5/11
i swapped my ps3 for a corn, i cooked the corn and put butter on it,
corn tasted good.
Posted 12:42pm 15/5/11
darkjedi, the guy in that video looks like the biggest scamming money man. is he the ceo of sony of something?
Posted 12:49pm 15/5/11
they reckon its a phased roll out so i doubt us in australia will get back online til monday or tuesday
Posted 01:05pm 15/5/11
i swapped my ps3 for a corn, i cooked the corn and put butter on it,corn tasted good.

I would like my corn back.
Posted 01:47pm 15/5/11
I wish I had more hands, so I could give those titties four thumbs down!
Posted 01:51pm 15/5/11
I would like my corn back.

Digestion of corn should be complete in 24 hours upon which return shipping will occur. Please wait 3 busines days for receipt of the corn after that.
Posted 01:54pm 15/5/11
Digestion of corn should be complete in 24 hours upon which return shipping will occur. Please wait 3 business days for receipt of the corn after that.

Please store in bubble wrap and store in a 15cm x 30cm Edgeless safety cube.
Courier by DHL will be ideal.
My roommate will greet the courier at a time of his choosing.
Posted 01:54pm 15/5/11
Hirai highlighted that the "attacks were serious and sophisticated"

More like Sony's security implementation had the effectiveness of a wet cardboard box.
Posted 02:45pm 15/5/11
looks like the biggest scamming money man

Well he did promise us accurate historical Japanese battles. Involving giant crabs.

Posted 02:52pm 15/5/11
Hirai highlighted that the "attacks were serious and sophisticated"
More like Sony's security implementation had the effectiveness of a wet cardboard box.

Can't it be both?
Posted 06:54pm 15/5/11
please don't bring back qriocity. what is that s*** taking up my xmb
Posted 08:17pm 15/5/11
The us psn is now working shouldn't be long now
Posted 08:40pm 15/5/11
I really hope they haven't nuked SETI/Folding in the Playstation Life component, I now have 2 x 8 core SPU's for the number crunch win.
Posted 10:11pm 15/5/11
any psn onlineness yet?
Posted 10:21pm 15/5/11
Not at the moment.

aussie website is up and running now. Cant change password or anything yet.
Posted 07:54am 16/5/11
PSN is coming back on in the UK atm (i think). I now get error #80710d36 when prompted to change my password. lols consoles.

edit: now it works. logged into psn wow.

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Posted 10:58am 16/5/11
I *still* can't play portal2 on my pc via steam because of this s*** ;(
Posted 04:06pm 16/5/11
its back
Posted 12:56am 17/5/11
PSN is indeed back, PS Store is still "undergoing maintenance" :(
Posted 09:27am 17/5/11
yeah I finally got to link my psn/steam accounts last night, woot portal on PC finally
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