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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:15pm 13/05/11 | 7 Comments
Late last week AusGamers chatted to Diablo III Lead World Designer, Leonard Boyarski about the recent unveiling of the Followers; rag-tag characters you can recruit to join you in your quest and also help with their own quests.

Essentially these guys are the Diablo III version of the Hirelings from the first games, and there are three in total you can utilise throughout your adventure.

In our interview with Leonard he reveals the intricacies of each of the Followers, how they compliment your chosen class and just what sort of rewards you can expect for using them. We also have a host of new screens, UI examples and artwork specific to them you can check out by clicking the thumbnails below. A full video showing off the Followers can also be viewed embedded below, or in HD by clicking here.

Click here for the full interview.

diablo iiiinterviewscreenshotsfollowers
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Latest Comments
Posted 07:20pm 13/5/11
As usual good interview Steve, I like that you tried to fish for the information we want :D

Looks amazing of course but I wonder what D3 will have that D2 didn't?
Posted 07:41pm 13/5/11
Looks amazing of course but I wonder what D3 will have that D2 didn't?
Resolutions above 800x600.
Posted 09:31pm 15/5/11
Hahaha you jumped at it before I could, carson!
But it's still looking very promising, so far i'm glad with what they've done, with out Blizzard North and whatnot.
Great interview Steve, doing well bud!
Posted 09:50pm 15/5/11
Cannot wait for this game.
Posted 11:00pm 15/5/11
Resolutions above 800x600.

hopefully 3d
Posted 11:48pm 15/5/11
i'll be fkn pissed off if I die before this game is released
Posted 05:12am 16/5/11
Still 50/50 about the graphics but i'm sure I'll deal with it once I start playing the game.
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