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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:29am 13/05/11 | 4 Comments
Earlier this week AusGamers was invited out to Digital Extremes' London, Ontario-based studio to see the team hard at work on The Darkness II, sequel to Starbreeze's critically acclaimed The Darkness.

To say Digital Extremes has some pretty big, Darkness-filled, shoes to fill would be an understatement, but the team visited Otherworld, picked up some Darkness-fused development team-members and emerged in the modern day world ready to do just that. And so far we're very impressed; the team have opted to make their own mark on the IP without a 'reboot', which is a more than admiral approach.

Today we have a full preview for you along with a bit of hands-on, with more coming next week in the way of a video interview covering Starbreeze, PC development, the altered art-style and more, so stay tuned.

Click here for our in-depth preview.

the darkness iithe darkness 2hands-onausgamerspreview
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:28am 13/5/11
Mike Patton as the voice of The Darkness again, awesome.

This is actually looking heaps better than I was expecting it to be, I'm interested now. But wow is it colourful compared to the first one.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:45am 13/5/11
It kind of works Khel, I think once you spend a bit of time with it it'll work. It's an impressive set of tools they've built to make it run like this though
Posted 11:26pm 14/5/11
if only the first came out on pc. I got halfway through, it had real potential, but the framerate had me pretty frustrated.
Posted 09:34pm 15/5/11
Oop! I see blood!
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