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Post by Dan @ 09:06am 11/05/11 | 5 Comments
As promised we have our own hands-on impressions with the multiplayer component of Duke Nukem Forever to share. Nachosjustice donned the fingerless gloves and mighty boot to give us the low-down from the perspective of a seasoned PC multiplayer gamer and the results are bang on with what most of us had been expecting:
Despite our many gripes with Duke Nukem Forever’s multiplayer, there was a lot of fun to be had; albeit not the sort of fun that we predict will attract the sort of player retention of the Battlefields and CoDs of the gaming world. The more intimate player limit and devastating weapons do slot Duke Nukem Forever’s multiplayer more into the casual gaming demographic; the kind of multiplayer slugfest that will tickle your funny bone occasionally but won’t make you want to devote dozens of gaming hours to it.
Read on for the complete article and stop by our game page (one of the oldest in our decade-long database!) for some new multiplayer specific screenshots.

Duke Nukem Forever is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 10th 2011.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:04am 11/5/11
Thanks for the review - I figured the MP would be a bit of a tack-on.

I did enjoy Duke3d on the stadium level though (and shooting that blimp!), so MP DM was fun way back then.

Hopefully SP is going to be much more fun; but the Steam price is a bit hefty so I will wait to see how well its received on release before buying I think.
Posted 01:15pm 11/5/11
heh, hefty if you're in Australia. US is $44.99 with the pre purchase option while ours is sitting uncomfortably at $79.99 :-\
Posted 01:18pm 11/5/11
@ Plasma - It's a multiplayer preview. Granted, I don't see them changing too much between what we played and the June release date... but you never know!

I'm still looking forward to the single-player portion of the game. I think that's where the real Duke magic is at.
Posted 03:23pm 22/5/11
Just make a US steam account, use a anon pro loaded credit card service and gift the game to yourself at the US steam price. SUCH A RIP for the aussies. It's digital media, how can it be more expensive?
Posted 09:21pm 22/5/11
because regional pricing on a digital product still f*****g applies somehow in this logical world
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