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Post by Dan @ 01:50pm 10/05/11 | 8 Comments
The guys over at Gamespot recently had a chance to chat with 2K Games Producer Melissa Miller to get all the details on the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever's multiplayer component. The video includes quite a bit of new B-roll footage from the game's multiplayer component as Melissa describes the various game modes and mutators and how different weapons call for different play-styles.

For any seasoned first person shooter players, nothing they talk about is going to sound remotely innovative, but it is at least good to know that there is going to be a bit of substance in terms of different maps and gameplay options.

Watch the embeded video below and stay tuned to AusGamers tomorrow when we'll have some of our own hands-on impressions with multiplayer Duke.

Duke Nukem Forever is due in Australia on June 10th 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, actually ahead of the North American launch on June 14th.

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Posted 03:58pm 10/5/11
It's nice to finally see some in game multiplayer. I don't think I'll believe this game is out until its installed and I've start playing the first level. I keep getting this feeling I'll bring the game home, install it and as soon as I go to run the game for the first time get faced with a message saying congratulations, you've pre-loaded the game, it will be activated to play in June 2012.
Posted 04:01pm 10/5/11
Is it just me, or does the graphics look alot like borderlands ?
Posted 04:01pm 10/5/11
Haha, you run it and it just plays a video of George Broussard and Randy Pitchford cackling maniacally on a pile or pre-order money.
Posted 04:25pm 10/5/11
I can't even get the video to load...
Posted 04:27pm 10/5/11
Posted 10:20pm 10/5/11
is that an updated version of hollywood holocaust in the first clip? looks like the end of the level.

edit: yep looks like they might have updated a few maps from 3d. there's more clips showing the hollywood holocaust level later in the interview.

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Posted 07:48pm 11/5/11
this game looks like a ported xbox 360 joke.Why did gearbox have to f*** it up.(AT LEAST ITS COMING OUT)
Posted 08:04pm 11/5/11
herr derr im a retard.
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