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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:11am 06/05/11 | 2 Comments
Team Meat have sent through word they've finally dropped their promised (and much anticipated) level editor for Super Meat Boy, exclusive to Steam.

With the editor, you'll be able to create anything you've seen in-game sans Warp Zones and Bosses, as well as your own full Chapters with Par Times and even your own music. Levels are then uploaded to Super Meat World which unlocks after completing two full chapters, and your levels can then be played and voted on by the game's community at large. If you manage to put together a rad level Team Meat takes note of, you'll then be featured as part of the "Recommended Chapters" and become Super Meat World famous. Finally, the editor is free, as it should be.

The Team Meat boys also mentioned they'd be rolling out one more update on Super Meat World next week to fix a few bugs in the editor, and after that closing up PC shop, porting the game to Mac and then finally moving onto their next new IP.

Now if only they'd reset the Leaderboards and disable the pause bug that let's people rack up par times of 0.01 seconds.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:14pm 06/5/11
How cool are the replays in this game. The only thing that would improve it is if the devs tweaked the colour overlay to stand out on the instance that goes on to be the fastest completing play.

Or they could just release the source code as a milestone when they reach one mirron dorrah?

Sensors indicate newbs will be newbs and keep their IP firmly held so they can milk the sales returns. I suppose that's how it goes in the closed source for profit game.

It would be nice though since it could then be cross ported to a myriad of other hardware types.

It's all just time on their side to explore those licensing options now that they have a good game. If they leave it too long they lose interest from the short attention span casual gamer (handheld $1 and $2 markets) crowd though.
Posted 04:52pm 06/5/11
wtf lol.
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