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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:03am 05/05/11 | 17 Comments
While we might have been given two new pieces of art to get us all hot and bothered for Mass Effect 3's eventual arrival, it turns out the wait will be longer than the previously announced release date of November this year, with EA putting a very loose "Q1 2012" down as the game's new launch window.

Obviously any game of this caliber spending more time in development can only be for the good in the long-run, and let's face it, this year is a mammoth one anyway with some massive titles set to arrive, and Mass Effect 3 would have been going up against the likes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Battlefield 3, to name but two, but it's still sad news, nonetheless.

Interestingly, in an earnings call, EA CEO John Riccitiello cited the game's release date change as a necessity based on changes to the game's gameplay mechanics, which could be taken as alarming based on the language he used.
One of the things the team up at Edmonton has done is... essentially adjust some of the gameplay mechanics and some of the features, which you'll see at E3, that can... essentially address a far larger market opportunity.
Take from that what you will, and obviously we'll know more come E3, but we're mildly concerned now that the game might be dumbed down even further to cater to this "larger market" (though we are talking about BioWare here, so we do have a little faith).

When we know more about ME3's 2012 release date, we'll let you know.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 05/5/11
I hope this not EA being EA again.
Posted 11:39am 05/5/11
Better not be any motion controls bulls***.
Posted 11:42am 05/5/11
I'm totally ok with this news. If they want to delay it, they probably have good reason. Big publishers usually prefer to push things out half-baked than to delay them outside of the lucrative holiday season window, so I don't really get what you mean about EA being EA.

IMO mass effect is the kind of game that doesn't really need to be launched during the holiday slaw alongside Battlefield and Call of Duty. but then, neither is Skyrim for that matter.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:44am 05/5/11
it's more the "adjust some of the gameplay mechanics and some of the features" and "a far larger market opportunity" that's concerning than a simple delay
Posted 11:44am 05/5/11

at least it will give me more time to finish the other awesome games being released end of year.
Posted 11:56am 05/5/11
Well realistically, we have no idea what the state of gameplay changes they'd made since Mass Effect 2 are. Since they haven't showed anything from 3 yet, there's no point of reference anyway. So I don't think it's really cause for alarm.

"dumbed down" is a pretty loaded term that I'm not sure really applies as much to a game like Mass Effect as it would to more complex games. ME's strength has always been in the storytelling, so if they're making gameplay more accessible to a wider range of player capabilities it could just be something benign like LA Noire's supposed option to skip hard sections of gameplay if you get stumped.
Posted 12:03pm 05/5/11
"dumbed down" is a pretty loaded term that I'm not sure really applies as much to a game like Mass Effect as it would to more complex games. ME's strength has always been in the storytelling

The original ME yes - brilliant game and story. But Mass Effect 2 was all about invoking the cover system to run from behind one strategically placed box (where you know enemies will spawn straight away) to another. You spend 90% of the game recruiting people with vague story-related fluff mixed in ... and 10% actually doing useful story-related stuff.
Posted 12:08pm 05/5/11
I would have simply assumed it is delayed because that time period is looking pretty saturated for releases and it'd get a larger market during a quieter release period. With 5 or 6 great games all coming out at once people are going to at most only be buying two games, if that. I think I remember reading ages ago that a games release week is more important to it's overall sales than it is for films and there is always a lot of focus on opening weekends for films.

I'm really sceptical about it being due to mechanic changes for a wider audience since it's the 3rd in the series and unlike COD it has a strong story and you can't exactly encourage new players through some cosmetic game changes alone.
Posted 12:09pm 05/5/11
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I'm tired of this yearly iteration bulls***. Good for them.
Posted 02:46pm 05/5/11
Well, what do you expect with TOR and DA2 as their next game, and previous game?
Posted 02:53pm 05/5/11
Fine by me, I only just started playing ME2 a couple of nights ago.
Posted 03:10pm 05/5/11
If this turns in to a Dragon age 2 idea of a broader audience, I'm going to curl up in a corner and cry for a week :(
Posted 01:54am 06/5/11
Posted 03:43am 06/5/11
Maybe the delay was because they realised a DA2 style cut'n'paste design wouldn't fly a second time?
Posted 06:55am 06/5/11
If this turns in to a Dragon age 2 idea of a broader audience, I'm going to curl up in a corner and cry for a week :(

you didnt play me2 then?
Posted 08:49am 06/5/11
Mass effect is on special on steam today to tide you over.
Posted 06:51pm 07/5/11
I hear it's for Kinect integration.. *hides behind couch for cover*
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