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Post by trog @ 10:18am 05/05/11 | 11 Comments
Kazuo Hirai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sony Computer Entertainment America has written a lengthy letter to a US Government committee about the recent data breach, in which they point the finger at Anonymous:
"Sony has been the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack. We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named 'Anonymous' with the words 'We are Legion.'"
The less interesting cover-their-ass parts of it are summarised in a post on the official PlayStation blog. The full letter is available in irritating, not-redistributable image format on Flickr and makes for an interesting read.

Obviously, anyone who hacks into any website for now would be pretty much crazy to not randomly drop something in there that includes the word "Anonymous", simply to lay the blame on their doorstep. Anonymous are now an excellent scapegoat for any problems of this nature,

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Posted 10:24am 05/5/11
Right, so, since Anonymous is just a poorly defined group of internet hackers in other words they've found a text file on their computers and they still don't know who did it.
Posted 10:25am 05/5/11
Oh this is going to go so well for Sony...
Posted 10:30am 05/5/11
haha wow anon will run with this.
Posted 10:35am 05/5/11
So basically Sony are running with the "we didn't lock the front door" defence to absolve themselves of any blame?
Posted 10:38am 05/5/11
having that in jpeg format makes me want to rage

the first paragraph also makes me want to rage

Act with care and caution. This is why Sony Network Entertainment, which operates the PSN and Qriocity Services, has taken the almost unprecedented step of shutting down the affected systems as soon as threats were detected and is keeping them down, even at substantial cost to the company

MOTHER F*****S, lying pricks

"they also attempted to destroy the evidence that would reveal their steps."

nope .. they didn't, they left a f*****g post-it card for them in fact
Posted 10:55am 05/5/11

nope .. they didn't, they left a f*****g post-it card for them in fact

I think they meant tried to delete their footsteps to cover how they got in, not to cover up the fact that they did get in.

Isn't that always Sony's defense though? To play stuff down and pretend like it doesn't matter? Wasn't that their response to the whole rootkit thing in their DRM? Pretty sure their response was something like "Who cares? Most people don't even know what a root kit is anyway".
Posted 11:07am 05/5/11
I deal with some SE-Asian suppliers on a day to day basis in my job and it seems to be a cultural thing that they don't like to talk about problems
they'd rather just pretend they didn't exist, fix it quietly and move on
I make a point of reaming them occasionally and these usually very polite people email back all fired up because I carbon-copied their Australian head-honcho after they repeatedly ignore previous emails asking for a reason why something happened a certain way

what I'm looking for is for them to simply admit that they f***ed something up, which they never want to do
then they quite literally ignore my emails and continue on like its business as usual, until i get the s**** and go over their heads, at which point they are forced to admit what went wrong and why its their fault etc
Posted 11:11am 05/5/11
oh oh, they're calling for the CEOs head!@

Sony, who is struggling to get their Playstation & Entertainment Networks back up and running, have now said that they believe the hacker group Anonymous was behind the recent attacks on their network.

Meanwhile analysts and fund managers are calling for the sacking of Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer who during his six year reign at Sony has failed to deliver any break through products or financial gains for the struggling Japanese company.

Overnight fund managers in both the UK and Japan have called on the Welsh born CEO to resign over the hacker attacks that have compromised tens of millions of credit card details and left the Sony Playstation network crippled.
Posted 11:12am 05/5/11
I was reading an ABC article about this this morning, and this paragraph really rubbed me the wrong way:
Sony says Anonymous targeted it several weeks ago using a denial of service attack in protest of Sony defending itself against a hacker in federal court in San Francisco.
Makes them sound like the good guys. Poor little Sony defending themselves from the evil geohot menace for the good of all man!
Posted 11:28am 05/5/11
They were the one suing geohot right? Sounds like they wanted to use the word protect but somehow got confused and ended up with defend.
Posted 12:36pm 05/5/11
Last I heard anon wasn't taking credit for the actual hack. So now sony are blaming them. Well done. Anon is forging when it's lied about, especially by groups/companies they don't like.
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