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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:18pm 04/05/11 | 25 Comments
EA has teamed up with Steam to offer up a host of classic EA games for cheap as chips in what they're calling "EA Week", and will be running from May 2 to May 9.

The EA Week will offer new, low prices on different EA games every day; today offering up classic Need For Speed games such as Hot Pursuit (US$9.99 or AU$9.23), Shift (US$6.80 or AU$6.28) and Undercover (US$2.50 or AU$2.30).

There's no details on what else we'll see between now and the 9th, so be sure to check the Steam Store every day, because you can't really go wrong with full games at prices as low as AU$2.30.

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Posted 03:14pm 04/5/11
haha "classic" NFS games? I thought they were offering some of the golden oldies like NFS III: Hot Pursuit for a moment there. *sadface*
Posted 04:02pm 04/5/11
Completely forgot about the new Hot Pursuit. Any good?
Posted 04:17pm 04/5/11
Plants vs Zombies is also on sale for $3.40. I read that the new Hot Pursuit was pretty good, developed by the same guys who did the Burnout series.
Posted 04:23pm 04/5/11
God I hope Codemasters make an F-Zero game for Project Cafe.
Posted 04:27pm 04/5/11
I've been tempted to get hot pursuit but theres very mixed review for it. A lot are saying that it is a bad port though, even taking away features like blur. Also on steam its only updated to 1.2 whereas the non-steam versions are at 1.5, Criterion say they're going to release them all in one big patch soon but i've heard that many times before and its never happened.
Posted 04:35pm 04/5/11
I'm hoping Spore and it's expansions and ME 1 & 2 go on special. Need that last spore expansion. Friend lent me his ME 1 & 2, but want to have ME 1 & 2 on my steam account.
Posted 06:06pm 04/5/11
Completely forgot about the new Hot Pursuit. Any good?

I have it.

Im not a big racer fan but i do like arcade racing games. Loved Blur and split/second was OK, burnout was awesome, flatout ultimate carnage was good fun. As for Hot Pursuit, its similar to blur as somebody mentioned because you unlock police and bad guy weapons (emp, spike strip and a few other things). I was having good fun with it and there are a variety of races but i absolutely hated the solo time trial ones (get from A to B within a certain time) and ended up rage quitting because to unlock new mission, you first have to beat all the old missions and i really, really hated the solo time trial ones. Never tried multiplayer.
Posted 08:44pm 04/5/11
Amusing point here - If you visit the Steam store in your browser and change the region to the US, Hot Pursuit is $us14.99!
Posted 08:48pm 04/5/11
i love it how its illegal in steams eyes for us to get fair priced games aswell ^

Posted 08:52pm 04/5/11
I've got NFS: Hot Pursuit on xbox 360. It's ok single player but I mostly got it for playing against friends, who then never bothered playing it so haven't touched it in a while.

I hate that it seems to be centered around that stupid autolog thing which is basically facebook, you post insults and comments on your friends walls and instead of playing against each other in real time you can opt to simply try to beat each others times. To me that just adds a new level of antisociality to what is already an antisocial activity.
Posted 08:53pm 04/5/11
so is Hot Pursuit worth getting for $10 bucks?
Posted 09:30pm 04/5/11
no wait for mass effect deal
Posted 09:59pm 04/5/11
Seems not, was talking to a mate and he said it's a absolute s*** fest. Said it pays no good tribute to the old Hot Pursuit, which I loved so damn much.
Posted 10:07pm 04/5/11
been playing hot pursuit with some friends over the net - its good fun !

Unless you have some mates with it I would not bother getting it.
Posted 09:07am 05/5/11
F*****g Sims.
Posted 09:21am 05/5/11
I'm still in awe with regional pricing.
Had a look for interests sake when I noticed they are still trying to pitch Sims 3 for $80 normally and $47.99 on special.

US pays $39.99 normally and $23.99 on special.

What a laugh!
Posted 07:24am 06/5/11
Thursday (US thursday that is) deal:

75% off Mass Effect 1 $5 save $14.99
50% off Mass Effect 2 $9.99 save $10
50% off Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Editon $19.99 save $20

Same price in US store and AU store.
Posted 12:35pm 06/5/11
yay finally! F*** the sims!

last edited by Basket at 12:35:53 06/May/11
Posted 12:46pm 06/5/11
nice prices for ME games.
Posted 07:56am 08/5/11
Dead Space day today, with 75% off the original and 40% off the sequel! Hit up the Australian store and you can grab the first game for a whopping $us3.75 ($us4.99 on the US store!), whereas the second one is cheaper on the US store ($us23.99 vs $us41.99). A decent space horror for under $4? Mark that as another game in my unfinished titles list :)
Posted 08:04am 08/5/11
Oh damn, friday was Crysis, thats the only thing thats been available all week that I don't already own and I missed it. Balls.
Posted 10:11am 09/5/11
Battlefield and Medal of Honor are today's specials. I grabbed BC2 Vietnam for $7.49 USD, or approximately 27 Australian cents.
Posted 11:21am 09/5/11
moh is region priced. 14$US or 34$US for Australians.

so use your proxies/proxy accounts if you are after it.
Posted 12:26pm 09/5/11
Anyone in US want to buy MoH for me? Does anyone even play it though?
Posted 11:42pm 09/5/11
bc2 vietnam is so fun, and when its 7$ u cant go wrong
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