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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:24am 28/04/11 | 5 Comments
Being as proactive as they can be -- after the massive downtime of the PlayStation Network and the subsequent media and consumer backlash at their initial handling of the outage -- Sony Computer Entertainment is hoping to get brand-new Software Development Kits (SDKs) out to developers with renewed security efforts in place to ensure nothing like this happens again, according to sources working closely with Gamasutra.

From April 20 the PlayStation Network service has been down, with growing concerns of leaked personal information, including credit card details, for millions of users. On April 26 an official statement from Sony said the service would be down no longer than a week.

There are no expanded details on just what new security measures Sony would like in place on PS3 devkits in the hands of developers, but shipping out that many new SDKs to be installed before the service is due to go back online is no mean feat.

Have you been affected directly by the outage or potential personal information leaks?

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Posted 10:38am 28/4/11
Has any other sony databases been affected ? eg. Sony Station ?
Posted 10:42am 28/4/11
Has any other sony databases been affected ? eg. Sony Station ?
The breach supposedly affects both the PlayStation Network and the Qriocity media service. I haven't seen any mention of any SOE MMO stuff though, perhaps that's kept separate.
Posted 10:52am 28/4/11
Posted 02:13pm 28/4/11
I can't wait the "hacker" changes everybodies passwords before they can, when the service is back up..
Posted 02:35pm 28/4/11
The admin on ps3hax.net claims his PSN only cc was being misused back in February, so this issue may be bigger than Sony currenly acknowledges
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