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Post by Dan @ 10:06am 28/04/11 | 10 Comments
As Brink's launch date inches ever-closer Betheseda and Splash Damage continue their "Get SMART" tutorial series today with an overview of the game's objective system.

This 5 minute clip -- featuring more all-new in game footage -- takes an in-depth look at the many different objectives that you'll be tasked with across Brink's amalgamated singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay. It also offers a great look at the game's slick HUD interface, an aspect that often gets hidden in gameplay trailers for aesthetic purposes.

Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

brinksplash damagebethesdatrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:16am 28/4/11
Two weeks to go.. looking good!

I like the idea of the tutorial videos for those who are only familiar with deathmatch style games.
Posted 11:45am 28/4/11
I was really looking forward to this one untill i saw the "Press up" bit... then i come back down to earth and realise it's probably going to be another retard console port for the PC again... sigh... i really hope i'm wrong, because i love ETQW and love the objective style game play... but i hate bad console ports. Got me an Eagle eye tho for the PS3, so if it tanks on PC and the PSN network is back up by release date, then i may just look at going to the dark side (console) for this one...
Posted 12:41pm 28/4/11
That will be a seperate key fo PC I have no doubt. I just hope It can be made to be smaller so it don't take up all the screen like that.
Posted 12:43pm 28/4/11
I presume they are just showcasing on the console is all Marlin. No need to worry! We've got full dedicated server support, so I'll be running one off my VPS, so your more then welcome to come play! I'll get the details as soon as possible.

Also, looking damn fine, loving these videos. If this is what it looks like on console, I can not wait for PC.
Posted 12:59pm 28/4/11
Hmm well i got stung with homefront, so i'll wait till theres a review out for this one, but i really really want this to be good hey... be just the thing to keep me going till BF3 hits...

If it is any good tho... i'll take you up on that offer mate.
Posted 02:31pm 28/4/11
A bit of sever detail would be nice! Also Eorl i'm assuming that is the PC version running with them using a controller but it does look very nice and smooth. Certainly seems to be alot of media saturation which is great. The more the merrier.
Posted 03:14pm 28/4/11
looking forward to this one!

Echo the homefront thoughts - hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a stinker to...
Posted 04:20pm 28/4/11
As do I fifty, though I doubt nothing could top Homefront's stench.
Posted 11:29pm 28/4/11
Being id Tech 4 (Doom 3 Engine) it should be great on PC and fully customisable like Quake Wars was.
Posted 03:57am 29/4/11
As do I fifty, though I doubt nothing could top Homefront's stench.

Not to mention these guys made ET Quake wars, and the dudes that made Homefront made that s***** Frontlines game years ago.

it's a whole different league imo.
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