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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:02pm 27/04/11 | 9 Comments
If you stand in front of a mirror in the dark and say "Red River review" three times, nachosjustice will come through the mirror and shake your hand, and maybe review Operation Flashpoint: Red River, too.

Well he did for us anyway.

So if you've been on the fence about this latest installment in the Flashpoint series, have a read through his thoughts to help formulate a decision, but either way it looks like Red River might just be one for the hardcore fans.

Click here for our full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:30am 28/4/11
I wasn't sure if I should give OF a second chance when I saw it pop up on Steam, i'm rather glad I didn't now.
Posted 04:50pm 27/4/11
Seems they didn't learn any lessons from the previous OF games.
Posted 04:51pm 27/4/11
I may check this out in a few months if the price drops, solely for the co-op gameplay. It was the only reason I played Dragon Rising.

With ARMA II only $8 on Steam at the moment, there's another reason not to buy this.
Posted 05:11pm 27/4/11
This game is exactly why Arma II is $8 atm and is a lot better.
Posted 10:19pm 27/4/11
Yeah, get Arma 2, cheaper and better
Posted 11:14pm 27/4/11
As I said when this game was announced, this game wont be getting my money.
Duke will. BF3 will. Dirt 3 has already.
Posted 11:23pm 27/4/11
Yeah, get Arma 2, cheaper and better

Posted 12:05am 28/4/11
Or get anything else over Arma 2.
Posted 09:17am 28/4/11
i must say tho the story line has got me wondering if China will smash the f*** outa the Taliban aswell. where did these guys get there intel from might take a dig around and see what China is up too
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