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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:06am 27/04/11 | 13 Comments
Well, to be straight up, so far the offer is only in Japan, but usually this sort of thing comes across the pond. At any rate, Nintendo have said that the launch of their much anticipated eShop for the 3DS is close and to celebrate (in Japan), they'll be offering, for a limited time only, a free download of the classic NES title Excitebike, 3Dised, free.

The game is just one of a manifest of classic games being given the 3D overhaul as part of the "3D Classics" range, which will initially be comprised of NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games before pulling titles from the likes of SEGA Game Gear, TurboGRAFX and eventually even SNES.

What classic 8 - 16 bit games would like to see hit the system, 3D'd?

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:16am 27/4/11
Yoshi's Island. Hands down, best platform game ever created. Give it to me NOW.
Posted 10:52am 27/4/11
Secret of Mana, please. I don't care if it's 3D or not.

Also, Zelda: Link to the Past/Four Swords.
Posted 10:53am 27/4/11
Yeah, Link to the Past would kick arse too.
Posted 12:43pm 27/4/11

Srsly though, im pretty excited for the 3d pacman game.
Posted 12:49pm 27/4/11
Secret of Mana, please

Bugger that, I want a real release of Secret of Mana 2. That game is so god damn epic and only way you can play it is illegaly... or if you happen to have the cartridge like I do and know japanese.

Seriously though a 3DS version of either SoM games would be epic. They could fit on legend of mana though I bet so why not do that too!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:09pm 27/4/11
Super Metroid. Nuff said.
Posted 01:50pm 27/4/11
Donkey Kong Country.

Terranigma, though I doubt that'll ever happen.

Killer Instinct. That's unlikely as well.

The Mega Man X series f*****g rocks too.
Posted 01:56pm 27/4/11
+1 for Super Metroid.

And the things I'd do for any of the Double Dragon or Streets of Rage games.
Posted 06:27pm 27/4/11
Any date for when this will launch in aus/the west.
Posted 08:09pm 27/4/11
I don't think the store will be released until late next month.
Posted 09:03pm 27/4/11
I dunno, but i just got 10 stars in super mario 64. Not 8bit sure, but pretty awesome game. I went sledding down a mountain racing a penguin.

Mario party 2 was a bit s*** though.
Posted 11:41pm 27/4/11
Super Metroid. Nuff said.

Posted 12:25am 28/4/11
I'm sitting here trying to work out how you could make Super Metroid any better an the only thing I can come up with, is if you built entirely new zones for the existing ones. Everyone knows the layouts so get in there with an editor and just rip it apart and rebuild it from scratch with the same power ups, bosses and so on.
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