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Post by darkjedi @ 06:34pm 25/04/11 | 19 Comments
After the rumour mill went into overdrive with talk of a super-charged successor to the Wii being displayed at this year's E3, Nintendo have finally come out and admitted that this is definitely the case. Both IGN and Kotaku are carrying news that Nintendo has confirmed the new console will be playable at E3 in June.

They've also stated that it's on target for a 2012 launch, but stopped short of sharing any details on price, specifications or launch games. You can also find the official press release on


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Posted 06:40pm 25/4/11
Link to the very brief press release:
Posted 06:41pm 25/4/11
'The Koopa is out of its shell' would have been a better option.
Posted 06:44pm 25/4/11
Meh. I'm partial to Goombas.
Posted 06:45pm 25/4/11
kotaku has also done some mock-ups of what the controller may look like based on the info that has been leaked so far.

Posted 06:46pm 25/4/11
Fark yeah.
Posted 07:02pm 25/4/11
S*** yes! Can't wait to see what they've got brewin'!
Posted 07:18pm 25/4/11
Screen inside the controller? Ok that's a bit wierd and don't know how that can be useful but long as they have some awesome games who cares! We can only hope it will be touch screen, as that would be epic for sending messages or typing in multiplayer.

Of the 3 design mock ups, I like the 2nd one the best. Got a gamecube controller feel to it.
Posted 09:11pm 25/4/11
The only thing I'm dreading is the possibility that it'll be entirely a touch screen.
Posted 10:01pm 25/4/11
Will it turn Nintendo's next financial year around?

Videogame giant Nintendo Co said its full-year net profit plunged 66.1 per cent on a strong yen and a global sales slump as the release of its 3-D console came too late to give a boost.

Group net profit for the year to March fell to Y77.6 billion ($A880.2 million), while operating profit slumped 52.0 per cent to Y171.1 billion ($A1.9 billion). Sales eased 29.3 per cent to Y1.01 trillion ($A11.4 billion).
Posted 10:24pm 25/4/11
So they only made $1.9 billion in the last year...must be really tough over at Nintendo
Posted 10:33pm 25/4/11
Yer, That is 1 less Ivory back scratcher.
Posted 10:54pm 25/4/11
Sources say it will have a 6-inch touch screen display, dual analog sticks, and has the ability to stream content directly from the console.

If this "tablet controller" can be used as a stand alone platform with various Nintendo titles would be f*****g WIN!
Posted 11:05pm 25/4/11
Posted 12:10am 26/4/11
It's an interesting time to release a new console, the specs are likely to be similar (though obviously better) to current gen XBox and PS3. By the time Microsoft and Sony get into their next gen console, Nintendo will likely be significantly behind in the hardware department again.

The other question i have is regarding the intended market. Nintendo have made it quite clear that this generation they were heavily focused on casual gaming and accessibility. If they are intending to do a hardcore gaming system, its going to alienate the majority of their current market, and a large number of serious gamers will possibly be very cautious to pick it up with Nintendo's current line up and current track record with 3rd party developers.
Posted 12:25am 26/4/11
I don't think it'll be that hard to keep the casual crowd if they still provide motion controls. Just have a new Wii Sports game ready at launch. I don't know what you're getting at with the 3rd party dev support, there's been plenty of 3rd party support for the Wii. The only real problem is the Wii doesn't have the grunt for 360/PS3 ports, and that's likely to be a non-issue with a new console.
Posted 01:25am 26/4/11
Yeah, dreamcast controller is the first thing I thought of when I read about there being a screen in the controller too. Though I'd assume that picture is a mockup cos the screens on the VMU's were just crappy little game-and-watch style lcd displays.
Posted 08:20am 26/4/11
Dreamcast was so ahead of its time :(
Posted 10:26am 26/4/11
The Dreamcast was awesome full stop. Sega deserves to be crucified for messing it up.
Posted 12:58pm 26/4/11
Well since Sega no longer make consoles I suppose they have been punished enough.
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