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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:56am 21/04/11 | 1 Comments
EA have revealed that a one-time retail purchase of Alice: Madness Returns (ie not a second-hand buy), will net you a free code to download the original American McGee's Alice for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade when the game is released this June 14.

This obviously marks the debut of said game on consoles as it was originally released for the PC; a question we posed to American all the way back in September last year at TGS (so we take full credit).

More recently, Dan had a chance to check the new game out in full, and you can read his impressions by clicking here.

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Posted 12:55pm 21/4/11
One would have to be in a fairly foul mood to play through and enjoy this one. Like most works of the gothy genre (Amrad Mcgee, Tim Burton, + filmies) this one does seem to have it's fair share of brutal, but in a nice way. Watching the trailer again reminds me of Darksiders (the real man's mini surreal) which I never did find the time to play past demo.

Sorry for the sidetrack but the comparison may make for an interesting abstract. Hrm nope.

If you could get 2K under the pump (I think it's the China studio that have this one?) for some more info on the Bioshock Infinite street date, you would go straight to the top of my A list :)

As if you needed anymore encouragement.
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