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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:40am 21/04/11 | 12 Comments
As rumours of the next Nintendo home console fly thick and fast through the Mario-esque pipes of the internet, certain goombahs of information are emerging, some carrying with them believable 1UP mushrooms of evidence (okay enough with the word play).

The Kyoto Report, a Ninty fansite, claim to have evidence the Nintendo Technology Development team based in Seattle (at Nintendo of America) have been looking into "tracking systems and head-mounted stereoscopic displays along with CPU and GPU research and evaluation", as part of development for the new console. Moreover, they also claim Nintendo scored big, employing "one of the head engineers responsible for the PS3's Cell CPU and RSX GPU".

Take from all of this what you will, but it sounds more and more like Nintendo have to deliver the goods this E3, just out of respect for the rampant rumour mill.


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Posted 10:45am 21/4/11
"one of the head engineers responsible for the PS3's Cell CPU and RSX GPU"

Posted 10:57am 21/4/11
Ohhhhh more rumours! Can't wait to tell the girls about this over a coffee and cupcake after we've compared designer handbags.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:05am 21/4/11
your life sounds awesome Door
Posted 11:58am 21/4/11
While rumours are fun and all, Nintendo ALWAYS has massive hyped rumours leading up to e3 every year and then disappointment usually sets in. Stuff does sound exciting and they have put a ton of their free flowing cash into R&D I hear, but we will see what happens. It will be interesting for sure, to see where they go from here after going off the pure gaming path.
Posted 12:18pm 21/4/11
Steve are you familiar with the word unveiling how about revealing? just curious.

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Posted 12:16pm 21/4/11
It would be nice to see Nintendo offer something that would make me want to step back into the console world, I haven't owned one since the N64.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:18pm 21/4/11
Taipan: because I use reveal more than unveil? Yeah, I dunno, i just like reveal more
Posted 12:20pm 21/4/11
yeah well sorry dude but it sounds stupid as all f*****g hell.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:23pm 21/4/11
it's just industry speak, so I'm just used to it now - all internal info we get uses it :P

but for you, I'll start using it less and less, but only for you ;)
Posted 12:33pm 21/4/11
You are a champion I knew there was a good reason why I liked you :).

Sorry man it's just a monsterous pet peeve of mine and my pet peeve meter has been on overload after being in the US for as long as I have now. Particularly when it comes to language.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:10pm 21/4/11
oh yeah, I hear you there (being that I'm over there 6 months out of the year basically every year). It's not pronounced Nitch, it's Neesh #niche
Posted 02:58pm 21/4/11
Apparently, it's currently codenamed "Project Cafe," and there's some extra infor floating around today.

Many “sources” are citing a Project Cafe controller with built in touch screen, complete with camera and microphone. If true, it’s possible that a camera on the controller uses head tracking technology to send information to the console, thus allowing for a 3D illusion on screen. Motion tech is built into the pad, much like the Nintendo Wii controller (with significant improvements) and the controller contains buttons like any other Nintendo controller in the past.
The rumoured screen is said to act as a “tablet” that rivals the iPad; albeit 6 inches in size. The screen will apparently be capable of being used as it’s own handheld console; possibly allowing users to upload console games to the controller for play on the go. It has been said, however, that the screen will be standard definition (480p).

Wikipedia entry.

Potential leaked image of the system:

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