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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:41pm 20/04/11 | 10 Comments
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City producer, Masachika Kawata, recently told Spanish site, MarcaPlayer (translation link supplied), that the next official Resident Evil installment, Resi 6, would buck the Resident Evil four and five model and would be a "complete renovation" on "every level".

"I can't say if we're going to make it survival horror or a shooter, but I can say that it'll be totally new," he told the site.

His comments lead us to believe it's unlikely we'll learn more about it this year (in that he doesn't know what direction it'll go in), but it's tantalising news for a series that has become a bit stale.

Resident Evil as a franchise is moving in big ways though, so it's conceivable much of this is a primer for a big franchise reveal: the 3DS is getting Resident Evil Revelations and The Mercenaries 3D, along with the aforementioned Operation Raccoon City for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as HD makeovers for Resi 4 and Code Veronica coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. A lot, really.

Which direction would you like to see the series head next?

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Posted 04:21pm 20/4/11
Which direction would you like to see the series head next?

Don't really care as long as the controls are improved over RE5. Both on console and PC I was fumbling with the controls trying to aim properly and navigate the inventory/weapons. I actually found the PC version unplayable due to the narrow FOV, got so freaking dizzy!
Posted 04:47pm 20/4/11
Sounds new
Posted 08:55pm 20/4/11
as long as they go back to the RE1/2 roots. Need some fear back in these games!

Although RE5 I had tonnes of fun playing CO-Op with multiple playthroughs to unlock everything. Wouldn't touch the game single player though.
Posted 09:46pm 20/4/11

Keep it 3rd person. A sand box type zombie game where you have to survive, gather supplies and build up a community of survivors with an overarching story that slowly unfolds throughout the game, sending you on spooky missions to gather some vital bits of equipment that a growing community needs.

Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:24pm 20/4/11
That game exists, it's called Dead Rising
Posted 11:41pm 20/4/11
Yer but better and more fun. With jet packs, a dragon, a few pirates and maybe a ninja.

Better throw in a tank too. O and maybe aliens, can't go wrong with aliens unless your Indiana Jones...
Posted 12:17am 21/4/11
as long as they go back to the RE1/2 roots

^^ this. found the later games a bit laughable as opposed to the 'jump out at you' bits and the music score that made RE's 1 and 2 so awesome.

bringing back those kooky door animations would give it a 9/10 in my books.
Posted 02:24am 21/4/11
I hope they don't turn it into an fps, hope it stays third person, but the controls could do with an update
Posted 07:46am 21/4/11
RE1 still has by far the best atmosphere out of any of the games
Posted 08:06am 21/4/11
yea RE1 was the shizzle man. i hope they make a traditional style 3rd person style shooter with the camera freedom and quick switching wep options like socom type of feel and the option to sprint, prone and iron sights :). me hope a little more fast paced but with the kick ass scare the crap outa you like RE1 had in the days.

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