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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:54am 20/04/11 | 8 Comments
Before our extensive preview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we reported on comments made by Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard regarding the game being DirectX 11 compatible on PC, but not fully using its feature-set, which caused some concern among PC gamers.

At the recent BFG event, yours truly asked Howard for more specifics on those comments and clarification on just what he meant.

"Basically, it's mostly a DX9 game in terms of [how the] shaders work," Todd told AusGamers. "When it comes to DX11 there are things they give us for free in terms of performance gains, and that's really what I meant.

"So we get performance gains out of it, versus an older version, and there are specifics that DX11 does like tessellation and that kind of stuff; we aren't taking advantage of that right now. But that doesn't mean we won't in the future, we just aren't right now."

In the very same Q&A session that Todd answered our question above, he also confirmed the game would offer full mod support in much the same model as their previous games, and that he was hoping to have it ship day and date with the full game, but offered no other details.

We'll have the full Q&A up soon, so stay tuned for more Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details, straight from the unicorn's mouth.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:08pm 20/4/11
That doesn't allay my concerns.
Posted 01:15pm 20/4/11
As long as they fix the things wrong in oblivion, i'll be happy as the game already looks awesome enough to me. Not everything needs to rape your computer graphically.
Posted 01:40pm 20/4/11
Meh, the whole direct x thing has never bothered me. I'll be happy to just play a good rpg
Posted 02:07pm 20/4/11
Glad to see its going to have mod support, now I'm definitely buying it. Not to worried about DX11, don't really care. I'd rather good gameplay and performance.
Posted 03:32pm 20/4/11
I like what I'm reading. The horrid auto-level everything else with you systems used before has been removed or at least heavily tweaked so that some areas are just too damn tough for a low level.

The animation has been fixed, seriously this was easily the worst aspect about oblivion and fallout 3's. As mentioned above that soul sucking sociopath stare the NPC's had has been addressed.

I like the sound of the skill/leveling system although the Ausgamers preview didn't go into it much, more on that please ;D
Posted 09:53pm 20/4/11
i remain skeptical,,to a console sellout
Posted 10:29pm 20/4/11
As long as they fix the things wrong in oblivion, i'll be happy as the game already looks awesome enough to me. Not everything needs to rape your computer graphically.

Yeah more and more I'm finding myself caring about graphics less and less, and I suspect that with the rise of browser gaming etc, developers are realising that there's really more to pay attention to than the graphics.

Above concerns sum it up for me, as well as the PC UI. (was super destructive to my enjoyment of oblivion, no exaggeration)

edit: To express my rage further,
Morrowind UI:
Bunch of windows which can be open during gameplay, tile views, mouse support (not just scroll with keys and select with another key)
Oblivion UI:
F*****g.. none of the above, can't see jack, can't even exit by pressing esc, freezes the game, doesn't scale to resolution, made for somebody sitting on a couch playing on a tv, massive pain in the ass after a while, step backwards from funville that was morrowind, rargh.
Posted 06:54pm 22/4/11
ty for reminding me about oblivion's UI nerf....

i must say though skyrim does look as though it's going to be pretty sweet.
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