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Post by Eorl @ 10:32am 14/04/11 | 9 Comments
According to a Twitter from one of the Treyarch Developers, PCDev, states that mod tools for Treyarch's critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops should be released in May, with no set date just yet. It was also re-tweeted via community Manager Josh Olin, helping quash it as a rumour. This comes with Treyarch last year stating they would release a mod toolkit, due to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's lack of modding capabilities.

News: We are shooting for mod tools release in May. #codblackops #pc
Here is hoping this can invigorate the modding community to bringing out some really cool ideas. promoted forum item

call of duty: black opsblack opsmodding
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:52am 14/4/11
Bit of a waste unless they open up the servers. What is the use of being able to make your own maps and mods if nobody (except the sole global server provider) can run the servers to play them on?

Too little too late imo.
Posted 11:55am 14/4/11
hahaha what a mega fail :/

maybe its just so its ready to go for the new one they will be releasing this year?
Posted 12:02pm 14/4/11
Yeah what Dan said.
Posted 12:15pm 14/4/11
Hopefully it may mean dedicated servers? Or maybe with the mod kit, someone could devise a server kit. Who knows really.
Posted 12:22pm 14/4/11
Make sure you pay $15 for the privilege of it too.
Posted 12:28pm 14/4/11
Oh yeah, of course. Can't go without charging something for everything!
Posted 01:00pm 14/4/11
Make sure you pay $15 for the privilege of it too.

I have never actually bought DLC but i would probably buy access to the mod tools (especially for BF3). Seems like this though is an effort to get PC gamers back to COD but its too late imo.
Posted 10:40pm 14/4/11
Well correct me if im wrong, but i don't remember anyone charging mod tools, or any kind of 'builder' as charged dlc, so be interesting to see if its a free download or not. Something tells me though that it is not.
Posted 05:33am 15/4/11
Too late, they should have been ready at release or shortly after.

To quote a random guard from Beneath a Steel Sky "Move along now.".
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