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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:25am 13/04/11 | 12 Comments
Speaking with Edge, Remedy Entertainment's CEO and co-founder, Matthias Myllyrinne, praised the L.A. Noire facial animation system, but quickly added that what his team are working on would raise the bar, which he didn't so much say as gesture with his hands.

The as yet unannounced project will apparently feature simulated blood-flow beneath the skin to allow for blushing and all kinds of other emotions. According to the report, the tech was shown off in demo form only, but did feature the actor who played Alan Wake, while job vacancies on Remedy's site add to the suggestion the game in question is more than likely Alan Wake 2.

Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:26pm 13/4/11
Uh oh... simulated blood flow? Rule 34!
Posted 02:50pm 13/4/11
must. see. demo.
Posted 02:53pm 13/4/11
Uh oh... simulated blood flow? Rule 34!

already exists, just no the face that "simulated blood flow"
Posted 03:23pm 13/4/11
So basically:

if (flushing)
    foreach(Vertex v in flushingVertices)
        v.Color = Color.Red;
Posted 04:19pm 13/4/11
Yeah, what 3dee said. Omg, changing the colour of a vertex, mind-blowing!

Raising the bar from L.A. Noire is basically just more accurate (or higher resolution) facial capture. Still, it's a bold call, I'm keen to see what they've done.
Posted 05:29pm 13/4/11
More blood does not go to the parts with the most Vertices on a face. That method would fail hardcore. There is a more logical way but it's so simple I dare not say it because it would embarrass my brain.
Posted 06:19pm 13/4/11
from the story perspective the first was a sort of creepy psychological thriller that delved into the mind of the protagonist and his struggle with the often blocking problem that most story writers run into from time to time, writers block. so he takes a holiday out into the woods similar to how Hunter is on e-leave from this board to rekindle his relationship with his neglected girlfriend. but since he's continually finding that his self imposed mind game is slowly taking over almost every other aspect of his life he finds himself less capable of controlling his delusional outbreaks that appear to plauge him.

it's dark and creepy and gorgeously gothic stuff. a must for any fan of the goth genre in gerneral of other media types. freaky? sure. it's not your mum or nan's typical cup of tea, but the intertwining storyline and the creepiness of the game will seep into your psyche like a warm, orange coloured liquid with the same warming remedial effects as a soothing head steaming during a bought of the flu.

miss this next iteration and you'll only have yourself to blame.
Posted 06:31pm 13/4/11
^^ what?

Game was damn good but, I was interested the whole way through.
Posted 06:55pm 13/4/11
i only got to play the dlc's earlier this year and my initial playthrough of it was rushed between work commitments.
Posted 07:08pm 13/4/11
was the dlc any good? I never actually picked it up as I finished it a while before it was released.
Posted 08:31pm 13/4/11
yeah, more of the same awesome + added kit and it seemed like the map detailing was much more refined throughout them. it's probably no Uncharted but it has it's own meticulous merit.

does the internet really need anymore opinionated spin from a spindoctor like myself?

SF and to a lesser extent Dan (more the rss respinner so i've noticed) do a very good job of that coverage already imo. noncompete for the glory from me.

I already had my 15 seconds back in '97 anyway.
Posted 09:46pm 13/4/11
Theyll certainly have to do a better job than they did with alan wake, the facial animation in that was s***e.
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