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Post by trog @ 12:41pm 11/04/11 | 5 Comments
The Team Fortress 2 blog points out the awesome news that Valve and Team Fortress 2 players have managed to raise USD$430,543.65 in a recent charity drive. The money will be going to a Japanese disaster relief flood to help recovery from the earthquake and tsunami.

Hopefully the mainstream media will pick up on this; there's so many incredibly positive stories about video gaming it seems bizarre that the only ones they seem to hear about are the ones in which violence can somehow be related to it. Last time I checked, Team Fortress 2 still had people exploding in bloody chunks of flesh after getting hit by a rocket, so maybe playing violent video games also encourages dangerous levels of philanthropy?

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:45pm 11/4/11
good on the TF2 community, A gesture that shouldn't, but porbably will go unnoticed.
Posted 12:50pm 11/4/11
A smaller amount, but a similar gesture was made by the league of legends guys. Nurse Akali japan appeal proceeds ~$160,000
Posted 01:25pm 11/4/11
Gabe, representin'

haters gonna hate?
Posted 01:34pm 11/4/11
Team Fortress 2 is a terrible influence on kids these days. What with giving money to charities and such. I condemn parents for allowing their children to see such rubbish when they could be using their money for better spending on themselves, and hookers.
Posted 02:40pm 11/4/11
Good work TF2 community
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