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Post by trog @ 11:27am 11/04/11 | 14 Comments
Square Enix have announced that gamers who pre-order the upcoming Dungeon Siege 3 on Steam will receive the first two games (unsurprisingly, called Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege 2) for free as part of the deal - and you get them to play now:
"Providing DUNGEON SIEGE I and DUNGEON SIEGE II free of charge through Steamworks is Square Enix’s way of showing appreciation to the fans of the DUNGEON SIEGE franchise," said David Hoffman, executive producer for DUNGEON SIEGE III. "Selecting Steamworks to be integrated into the upcoming DUNGEON SIEGE III title made perfect sense as we wanted to provide the best possible gameplay experience for PC gamers and long-standing fans of the series.”
It's great to see more and more offers like this with publishers capitalising on their old IP not by trying to sell you ancient games at inflated prices, but by making it a value-add for their newer titles. That said, I prefer the model where they make their old games available for free to try to entice you in to the story :)

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:40am 11/4/11
Good to see pre-order incentives like this - more bang for your buck, and you actually get something to play / catch up on the storyline before the new game hits. Would be nice if more developers / publishers did this.

Getting a bit tired of seeing different tiny bonuses depending on if you order the game at EB, Game, or JB, etc.
Posted 11:47am 11/4/11
"Providing DUNGEON SIEGE I and DUNGEON SIEGE II free of charge through Steamworks is Square Enix’s way of showing appreciation to the fans of the DUNGEON SIEGE franchise," said David Hoffman, executive producer for DUNGEON SIEGE III

I don't get this, if you are a fan, you most likely already have the first two, giving previous editions away doesn't give a benefit to the "fans" it is more realistically a bonus to newcomers.
Posted 01:18pm 11/4/11
Not everyone is our age Bladehunter (nfi what yours is but you the drift).

Some of the younger generation of gamers may have never played "old" games like Dungeon Siege. Pretty sure it came out back around 2001. So someone who is 20 now was only 10 when it came out.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 01:39pm 11/4/11
Just remember that the games are old so they will look like arse :) Still, not bad for freebies as far as freebies are concerned. I prefer this to a stupid ingame trinket.
Posted 02:14pm 11/4/11
Meh, a game like that you play for the game itself, not the graphics.
Posted 02:18pm 11/4/11
Yeah, Its great how they are doing this now. Hope more companies follow the lead. Original Dungeon Siege1/2 don't look that arse.
Posted 02:40pm 11/4/11
Dungeon siege 2 was the s*** a few years ago, I remember co-oping through it heaps with friends!
Posted 03:31pm 11/4/11
I reckon the DS1 graphics are still ok but then my PC is ~ 7 years old :p
Posted 03:41pm 11/4/11
Also take note: No multiplayer in the Steam version. Cannot confirm others, but it appears to be unsupported.
Posted 07:31pm 11/4/11
Good game, but lack of randomness made re-playability low.

liked being able to whack someone on follow and go do something but my toon would do useful stuff.
Posted 08:23pm 11/4/11
Anyone pre-ordered DS3 on Steam? Kind of wondering if the 'freebies' includes the expansions or not.
Posted 08:27pm 11/4/11
according to the peeps on the steam forums, the expansions are not included.
Posted 08:32pm 11/4/11
Oh s***. Looking all around the DS websites and googling and so on. Didn't even think to look there...

Thanks for that.
Posted 12:25am 12/4/11
what? no multi on steam? Is there multi at all? if not, epic fail, bring on torchlight 2 or d3, whatever first.
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