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Bethesda have revealed a first look at Prey 2 via a single screenshot and a piece of pretty cool concept art - you can check them both out now on our Prey 2 game page. No other info just yet, but stay tuned! The Bethesda blog has a tiny snippet mentioning that you can expect to see some more previews coming soon:
In the process, we’ve seen some comments focusing on what’s not in Prey 2. Between now and the game’s release next year, we’ll be sharing plenty of details on what’s in the game. For starters, we encourage you to read previews in OXM, PlayStation The Official Magazine, and other publications worldwide. And in the coming weeks, you can expect more previews, interviews, etc. online. Once that’s all out there, you’ll know more about what (and who) is in the game, and how it all relates to the original game.

prey 2screenshot
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Posted 12:44pm 08/4/11
:Mass Effect 2 Edition
Posted 02:14pm 08/4/11
This is Id tech 5 right? The screenshot is a little underwhelming but I do have fond memories of the first one.
Posted 02:22pm 08/4/11
it seems like they'd be at a maturity with their biz now that for media to hype too much is just counter productive.

they're not really competing with the iapps or the mobile marketfront, as strong as it is, it's just too trendy to bother with perhaps?

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