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Post by trog @ 11:19am 07/04/11 | 8 Comments
Blizzard have launched three new official mods over on their StarCraft 2 mod page (for those that don't know what mods are, they're like DLC but you don't have to pay for them). The mods:

Pit your puzzle-solving talents against your opponent's. Match jewels to generate resources - and spend them to attack with StarCraft II units, countering your adversary's forces and destroying their base.

Aiur Chef
Gather and mix exotic ingredients in a cooking race against your opponents. Choose your recipes carefully to achieve culinary dominance and be counted among the most hallowed chefs of Aiur!

Left 2 Die
Working together with a partner, defend your base from onrushing zerg infested. Protect yourself from the relentless hordes during the night, and build up your forces to strike back during the daytime. Cooperate, or measure your survival in seconds.

You can find them all in the "Custom Game" section - just look for the maps with the little Blizzard logo next to them. Looking forward to trying these out!

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Posted 12:16pm 07/4/11

i dont even know what trogs about to start talking about

last edited by trillion at 12:16:45 07/Apr/11
Posted 11:53am 07/4/11
Yes, it's really beating a dead horse when you're getting new free content to extend your game
Posted 11:58am 07/4/11
I always loved the 'Left 2 die' type mods in SC and WC3.
The other 2 seem... interesting... I supose... doesn't sound like it would apeal to me...

Blizzard have all their phat lootz from WoW that they can afford to Make (or did they mearly endorse those that are community made?) mods.
Posted 12:10pm 07/4/11
I think he means "old", trog. I thought these were released months ago.
Posted 12:12pm 07/4/11
nope i was laughing in the face of their SC2 brand ;/
Posted 12:13pm 07/4/11
Ahh, in that case, "Milking a dry cow" would of been a better statement.
Posted 01:06pm 07/4/11
Pretty sure these three "mods" maps were covered in another thread.

The game is called "Star Jeweled" and its exactly the same as puzzle quest, but instead of doing damage to the enemy's health with your mana, you use the "energy" to unleash units. Obviously some units are better situationally than other units. It's a 2 vee 2 and you play with a teammate. It is a best of 5 so even if you get lucky one round it could be different the next! I went from clearly winning within one round to sudden turnaround for a long drawn out 12 minute round.

There are 12 units, each is a hard counter to something else.

There are also 4 spells, timebomb to slow units movement and attack within an area, a warp cell to stop an individual unit (like a colossus or ultralisk), Healing wave, which bounces between your units for 200hp a bounce, and a psionic storm to quickly demolish groups of units

There are regular unit waves, those are the marines. You have 4 defensive towers.

If there are no possible moves it will reset the board for you. You also have the option to reset the board at any time, with a 15 second cool-down. I don't recommend doing it, you waste a lot of time :)

I just played two games then and it was very good in concept and a lot of fun. But if playing it on the US servers, you'll find it laggy. You can just click and the moves will resolve themselves when the game catches up. So don't fret too much.

You can chain together your cleared tiles, much like in puzzle quest. If you clear 3 (or more) and that drops down a set which then clears, and so on, you get bonus points. You can get as high as "For the swarm!!!" where everyone knows you just pulled some mighty BS and now have full energy to dump.

At the end of the game it gives you a bit of a breakdown so you can see how well you did.

Anyway this generation of new maps for SC2 are really quite interesting :)


Thought I might let anyone know who's let Starcraft 2 sit idle for a little while that Blizzard just released three new custom maps the other day, including Aiur Chef.
The concept is simple - like in Iron Chef, there's a key ingredient, and you use other ingredients to cook stuff. FFA Melee, if you haven't played SC2 for a while I suggest you get back to it and give this a blast, it's great fun :)

So to the player who just goes to battlenet 2, what the difference between "releasing a mod" and promoting it? Because these have been on the official promotion in custom games since months ago?

Edit: Also these "Mods" i thought were made by the community, if they charged for them there'd be something VERY wrong. It's bad enough that it seems blizzard are taking credit for them :P

edit2: maybe blizz did create them, i can't find any hint of any other map maker. yup looks like they did make all three. Looks like i whined without any reason.
Posted 08:49pm 07/4/11
These mods have been around for months!
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