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Saber Interactive and NamcoBandai have released a live-action teaser trailer for their gravity-infused upcoming third-person shooter, Inversion.

The trailer doesn't give too much away beyond the concept of alien invasion and our gravity getting all messed up.

Saber Interactive have built their own proprietary engine for the game, which to be honest looks like Unreal 3, or maybe even 2.5, while the game itself, beyond the gravity component, pretty much plays like Gears of War. They're also the same team that brought us TimeShift, which had some neat ideas, but fell short of an A-Grade, so we're dubious about this one.

Watch the trailer below, or click here for the HD option. For a closer look at the screens, click the thumbnails after the break.

inversionsaber interactiveteaser trailertimeshiftscreenshots
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