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Post by trog @ 10:45am 06/04/11 | 26 Comments
Bioware are offering a free copy of Mass Effect 2 for people that have bought (or buy) Dragon Age 2:
Thanks to gamers like you, Dragon Age II is off to a great start – breaking the 1 million mark in less than two weeks and faster than Dragon Age: Origins. We appreciate your support. As a special thank you for helping with the game's early success, BioWare would like to present you with a download code for 2010's Game of the Year, Mass Effect 2 on PC. As always, we sincerely appreciate your support and passion as we remain focused on delivering quality interactive experiences now and in the future.
As long as you have bought the game before April 30th you're eligible - check their official offer page for a FAQ that has the rest of the details for how to get your code.

dragon age 2mass effect 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:47am 06/4/11
thats pretty awesome of them to do that
Posted 10:50am 06/4/11
I don't suppose that those who win Dragon Age 2 through the outstanding AG competition are also eligible? :P
Posted 12:56pm 06/4/11
Not only do you get it for free but you get all the cerberus network downloads. My only qualm was the lenghty process of copying code after code from bioware to the EA downloader
Posted 02:18pm 06/4/11
They probably just looked at their accounts where people owned me2 and da2, realised there was a 90%+ correlation, and thought it would be a good cheap promotion for them.
Posted 02:28pm 06/4/11
They probably just looked at their accounts where people owned me2 and da2, realised there was a 90%+ correlation, and thought it would be a good cheap promotion for them.
heh yeh quite probably. Still - it's a good idea; getting people hooked on more brands for older titles makes sense at the moment as we're going through the brand name wars
Posted 02:38pm 06/4/11
You can't give it away either as it's tied to your Bioware account. I would expect they would give away ME2 with copies of ME3 as well to help encourage new people to the series.
Posted 02:39pm 06/4/11
yeah if you pre-order. get free me2 and me1 for $10 or something similar
Posted 02:43pm 06/4/11
I still wouldnt play dragon age II
Posted 02:44pm 06/4/11
yeah DA2 is pretty s***
Posted 02:53pm 06/4/11
Yeah, pass.
Posted 03:33pm 06/4/11
You can't give it away either as it's tied to your Bioware account.

damn was gonna give it away :(
Posted 03:40pm 06/4/11
Ditto Rav. If it wasn't tied to my BioWare account I would have offered it to anyone that wanted it. I would keep it but I bought ME2 during a cheap Steam special so don't need a second copy.
Posted 03:45pm 06/4/11
Give away the one you bought and keep the free one?

/not sure how Steam 'Give-away' works.
Posted 04:08pm 06/4/11
The expiry date of the offer almost connived me into paying full price, before I remembered that if I stuck to my original plan of buying DA2 when it was cheap and included the DLC, I could almost certainly get ME2 cheap too and probably come out better than this deal. Good old original plan, almost thwarted.
Posted 06:38pm 06/4/11
I've grabbed DA2 from for $26AU, just gotta wait up to 72hrs from activation to make sure I get the Black Emporium (req'd to get the ME2 key).

If this works & I get both for $26 I'll be pretty stoked.

p.s. you can get much of the DA2 bonus items by playing the FB flash game DA Legends
Posted 06:45pm 06/4/11
Yeah but you have to play that game. :S

edit: And I mean I really tried too...
Posted 07:39pm 06/4/11
I'm hooked on that DA: Legends flash game, just seems to be the perfect thing to kill some time while I'm waiting for s*** to build or have a couple of minutes to kill throughout the day.

I noticed Bones is smashing it too, I keep getting notifications telling me his hero has levelled up. I took his hero into a fight though and got it killed, it should have used more backpunch.
Posted 09:22pm 06/4/11
Haha, people bought Dragon Age 2...
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:46pm 06/4/11
Score! Found it quick and easy to get it.
Posted 02:38pm 09/4/11
Turns out you can give away your free ME2 code. the person getting the code just doesn't get the Cerberus network without.

I grabbed my free code and now have one to give away to anyone that wants a free copy of ME2. PM me for the code. First in first served and all that.
Posted 03:46pm 09/4/11
ive got a code too. will give it to the first person with a 100+ post count who pm's me
Posted 07:38pm 09/4/11
so should i play ME before ME2?
Posted 07:39pm 09/4/11
Posted 02:13pm 10/4/11
Update: My key from didn't have Black Emporium (the requirement to get ME2), but I used online chat with EA Support and they happily generated a key for me and I'm all sorted w/ full ME2 & Cerberus network.

Pretty stoked considering it cost about $26 all up
Posted 02:16pm 10/4/11
its better raider, i played me2 first then went back to me1
Posted 02:45pm 10/4/11
ME2 is not bad it's just not as good as ME1. BioWare took out a lot of your ability to truly customise your character with powers and stuff. One of the worst ideas was making ammo mods a "class power" and not all classes get access to all types.
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