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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:42pm 05/04/11 | 17 Comments
We've been trouncing across an over-world map of Feudal Japan, picking fights with different clans and making friends with others for the past week or so, and all in a bid to take the divided nation and bring it under control of one, a Shogun.

Creative Assembly's Total War: Shogun 2 is now available and we took it for a mammoth test-spin, because it's a mammoth game. And while not a huge amount has changed to the overall formula from previous Total War games, the sum of its parts makes this the best entry in the series yet. Add to that a robust and persistent multiplayer and some of the best presentation around and you have yourself one hell of a game.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:58pm 05/4/11
Damnit, I didn't know this was out and just checked steam. Want it, but am not going to buy for that price.

I'm curious when you mention that you only dabbled in the previous iterations since Shogun, but also claimed that Shogun has never been topped. I loved Rome & Medieval 2 (the music and themes of Roman Empire/The Catholic Kingdoms), and thought Empire was ok but never finished a game. It always took a while to get into them though.

Either way, I'm sure Shogun II is awesome, if only it was more reasonably priced...
Posted 05:01pm 05/4/11
Yeah I imported my copy, f*** regional pricing up the anus.
Posted 05:03pm 05/4/11
Nice, was wondering when this would come up, I'm waiting for my Limited edition copy for $38 with free delivery to arrive in the mail. Tell Steam's $90 price tag to GTFO.
Posted 05:07pm 05/4/11
I'd really like to activate it on steam for the libraries.. but... hell I'm canceling on my regular going-out thing tonight due to trawling QGL all day and not getting much work done, and thus am already part way to being able to afford shogun at that price, so may as well... :P

edit: Ty for the link!

edit edit: Waaaiiit. Are you sure this is going to work out with region pricing and multiplayer etc? Looking into it, it seems ozgameshop is actually a store in the UK.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:06pm 05/4/11
Nerfington, that's with accrued knowledge of close friends who played the others, so it's more of round up of across-the-board thoughts from trusted sources
Posted 05:08pm 05/4/11
Nerfington, that's with accrued knowledge of close friends who played the others, so it's more of round up of across-the-board thoughts from trusted sources

Ahk, then I guess I'm even more keen!
Posted 05:18pm 05/4/11
Nerf when ppl say they imported their game 9/10 they mean the bought it from the UK.
Posted 05:26pm 05/4/11
Yeah I'm just curious if we can expect any problems from doing such, with this individual title. I will look into it before I buy.
Posted 05:42pm 05/4/11
I doubt it, but I personally am more interested in the single player so I didn't look around for info.
Posted 05:44pm 05/4/11
Yeah same truth be told, though this seems to be the evolution in the series that makes multiplayer more interesting at least.
Posted 09:23am 06/4/11
wow looks insane. but will cost me 1000 bucks for an uograde to play lol
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:32am 06/4/11
Love this game. After they had remade Medieval I always hoped they would go back to Shogun.
Posted 11:39am 06/4/11
bought it from ozgameshop for $35
Posted 11:41am 06/4/11
loving this game, though i seem to be a whole lot worse at it than other total war games :(
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:31pm 06/4/11
I know the feeling taggs, first game I played I was wiped out in no time!
Posted 02:38pm 06/4/11
i think i played the old ps2 one and got pwned :( wouldnt mind the pc version tho
Posted 05:10pm 06/4/11
I didn't find it too difficult until I took Kyoto and had every single faction declare war on me. The sudden lack of trade income combined with cost of maintaining so many armies makes it so hard to get each subsequent province you take upgraded and happy without a huge repression bonus.

I think the way to go is dropping every single level you get on your generals needs to go on the skill the reduces bushido arts quite early on. It was hard figuring out which art to go for next early on when you're looking at 12-16 turns to get something finished. Much better later on when zen and bushido arts are reduced by at least 120% each.
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