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Post by trog @ 10:06am 05/04/11 | 15 Comments
EA have released the official launch trailer for Battlefield Play4Free, their Battlefield universe that you can, uh... play for free, attempting to lure you into the fast-paced world of PC multiplayer gaming (where, of course, everyone should belong anyway).

We haven't received official word that it is out (either via our regular press contacts or through our back-end server contacts), but this post on the official forum indicates that the game is now in open beta phase, meaning everyone should be able to give it a bash:
While we have moved into the Open Beta, that doesn't mean we are done developing this game, not by a long shot. We will be releasing a tonne of new content over the coming months, not least among which are new maps, new weapons and new apparel! Oh...and don't forget about the awesome third tier of Training which is sure to liven things up even more!

You can watch the trailer below now, and find out more about this title on our game page.

Update: The official PR has finally come through as well.

battlefield play4freepc

Latest Comments
Posted 10:18am 05/4/11
Till they fix the hosting up, no thanks//
Posted 10:21am 05/4/11
I like the rehash of the music theme.

So what's the go with hosting for this, HyperJ?
Posted 10:29am 05/4/11
Seemed to be p2p and lagged as bad as q3 did on dialup
Posted 10:30am 05/4/11
End is amusing.

It was initially always very smooth for me, but every time I've tried in the last few days it's been laggy as hell, and I've been booted by punkbuster for "corrupted packet flow" several minutes in nearly every time.
Posted 10:34am 05/4/11
Why is it every battlefield game always have a problem with the server browser - in this case there isnt one...
Posted 10:40am 05/4/11
Seemed to be p2p and lagged as bad as q3 did on dialup
It's not p2p, it is a regular dedicated server based game - we run servers for it over on GameArena.

I haven't paid much attention to it but from what I can see on the server list there's still a lot of problems with the server browser / connection stuff making it hard to connect to local servers. So I can understand some frustration, though if you manage to connect to local servers (afaik Internode and GA both have them online) you should be OK.

Holy f***, it's 2011 and we're still having these problems? I can understand them wanting to attempt to make it idiot-proof by just having a "play" button but anyone that has ever played an FPS online knows how important it is to be able to connect to specific servers - maybe you want to play with your friends on one server, or maybe you want to join one on your ISP just to save some bandwidth, or maybe you just want to join one because it has a funny name.

Unfortunately this game is free so I can't advise you not to buy it to send a message!
Posted 11:00am 05/4/11
I think somebody previously posted that they intend to implement a server browser. They recently added a "join friends" button, as well as the ability to bookmark servers. Just no browser.
Posted 11:48am 05/4/11
They should copy the quake live model for finding servers
Posted 12:00pm 05/4/11
They should copy the quake live model for finding servers
I don't know how it works from a user POV,, but I personally think that model is crap because they seem to have just randomly decided who can and can't run servers. We haven't chased it up since launch but last time we checked there were only a handful of small Aussie providers running servers.
Posted 12:05pm 05/4/11
They should copy the quake live model for finding servers

No they should just use the TF2 model, give out the server to anyone and make the server browser in game good.

Posted 12:43pm 05/4/11
So its BF2 but free?
Posted 12:52pm 05/4/11
Yep, and simpler (though that may only due to the current stage of development it is in), as in so far I haven't seen the artillery/squads/commander's etc that I remember from the bf2 demo. Still good fun though, when it's not laggy.
Posted 03:46pm 05/4/11
Meh, I won't bother until I can select a server.
Posted 06:10pm 05/4/11
Yeh just tried, couldn't get onto a decent server.
The game seems cool but until they implement the server browser theres not much point even trying to play atm.
Posted 09:16pm 05/4/11
Hey guys can this be played over a LAN environment?
Very curious.. as it would be great for a lan.
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