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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:57pm 04/04/11 | 12 Comments
2K Games gave AusGamers a full preview session locally, where we got to play the first two-odd hours of Duke Nukem Forever, right from the game's opening.

It's the same demo a host of people checked out recently in Las Vegas, and while many of those reports paint a pretty bad picture of the game no one ever thought we'd see, yours truly found a promising title that isn't going to shake the games industry, but it's sure going to make it laugh.

A triumphant return for the shotgun in FPS gaming and lots of self-referential jokes gives Duke Nukem Forever plenty of life - find out why in our in-depth preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:15pm 04/4/11

When can we expect a demo?
Posted 03:30pm 04/4/11
we were told the single-player campaign is likely to be 10-plus hours long for good players

I hope this is true. I really do. I want an FPS game that doesn't rely on 2 hit kills ala CoD in order to increase it's length. I only have 1 question though for you steve... does the game have a health meter? or is it the standard "crouch behind a box for 5 seconds" deal?

From what I read also it sounds like this is exactly the type of game that it needed to be. So very glad it's finally arriving and got my Balls of Steel edition all ready to be sent come june.

last edited by DM at 15:30:02 04/Apr/11
Posted 03:33pm 04/4/11
It has a health meter in the form of Duke's ego. It does regenerate a bit to a certain point when you do the old crouch behind a box thing, but from memory, you can only increase it's capacity by performing ego-boosting acts. I could be a bit off on that as I only played the early game sections and never came anywhere close to dying.

It is a visible meter on the UI though, not just a red screen effect.
Posted 03:35pm 04/4/11
I think the ship has sailed.
Posted 03:38pm 04/4/11
A return to health meters. Yup this game is already starting to own. Aw man why can't it be june already!
Posted 04:00pm 04/4/11
last i read regarding health was that you can wait and regen back to full health or use health packs.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:02pm 04/4/11
yep, both, but there is a meter which you can extend by doing stuff like microwaving a rat
Posted 07:32pm 04/4/11
Wow this game sounds fun. Whats with that?
Posted 08:44am 06/4/11
long live duke ! this has brought back the gaming spirit for me. All i need is a new rig for eye candy!
Posted 02:33pm 06/4/11
A triumphant return for the shotgun
But the game will sitll limit you to 3 weapons or whatever, so inevitably you'll ditch the shotgun for something that you can use all the time. Crysis had a couple of shotguns, i used them both once and ditched them for guns i could use all the time, which you have to do with a measly 2 gun limit.
Posted 06:32pm 07/4/11
Can't wait! Just pre-ordered the Balls of Steel Edition
Posted 07:55pm 07/4/11
pre-order from steam?
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