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Post by Dan @ 11:23am 31/03/11 | 12 Comments
Codemasters have sent along a new trailer for their hotly anticipated DiRT 3 rally game, showcasing the game's Group B Rally mode, hailed as a "golden age" of motorsport and featuring cars such as "the Audio Sport quattro Rally and Lancia Delta S4 hammering through forest roads and across arid scrublands".
Group B is synonymous with a short-lived period in Rally where light regulation and few restrictions on car development led to manufacturers producing some of the most exciting cars that the sport has ever seen. Group B cars have since entered Rally folklore since cars with their astonishing power couldn’t have been developed during any other era of the sport. Sadly, these iconic cars were involved in an increasing number of accidents, which resulted in the banning of Group B Rally in 1986.

The gameplay video showcases these super-charged icons of Rally being put through their paces in wide ranging conditions, from tarmac to dirt and snow. In DiRT 3, the Group B discipline gives players the ultimate test as they jump behind the wheel of some of the most famous cars to compete in the sport including the Ford RS200, MG Metro 6R4 and Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2.
Watch the video below or click here for the HD option.

DiRT 3 is due in Australia on May 26 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more details, check out AusGamers' recent hands-on preview.

dirt 3trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:00pm 31/3/11
"the Audio Sport quattro Rallye ..."

*Audi Sport quattro rally

video looks great, im glad theres more rally events in this one. Can wait to hop into one of these cars
Posted 02:26pm 31/3/11
f*** yeah those early quattro's were insane
Posted 03:13pm 31/3/11
The early Quattros were kinda tame compared to the later Quattro Sport Evos.. I hope they're in there too. It'll be brilliant if they have Quattro and Peugoet that were built for Pike's Peak, they were probably the ultimate Group B machines that never were.
Posted 03:18pm 31/3/11
that trailer was about 1 minute too long.

Posted 05:31pm 31/3/11
kettles, if your going to correct something, do it right

Big Q for the group B cars, little q for the road going cars, and Ur-quattro for the early cars

and really it was all about the pug 205, that thing was hairbrainingly fast, (got to drive one at a show, it was all of 600 meters, but man it was good)
Posted 05:46pm 31/3/11
pretty sure he was just correcting the typo of audio and rallye
Posted 06:11pm 31/3/11
audio is a common spell check correction, and rallye is often used in the car/motorsport world, much like moto cross, and motor cross, (in fact audi's RS models are rallye sport)

i let it slide, as the point was made well enough to start with

as for the game, it might almost be enough for me to get an xbox 360, and get rid on my trusty mk 1 xbox

looks almost as good (gameplay wise) as some of the dreamcast titles, i just hope it doesn't come out tooo arcadey (i like the history that is brought in by some games, but other screw with fact a little too much)

these cars are still able to give everything on the road a good run for their money, hell, i know for the 25th the audi climbed up a 55% angle faster than a new RS4, and the group b car was on the same tyres and using the same oil that it had when in was rolled into the "hall of fame" 20 years earlier
Posted 08:17pm 31/3/11
Man I so want this game, I just hope they haven't totally newbed up the physics/handling. Might finally give me an excuse to pull my steering wheel out of storage too.

edit: Does anyone know if this uses that utter failure, games for windows live? I had so much trouble trying to update that stupid thing and get it to run by the end I'd lost interest in even trying to play the game that required it.
The GuVna
Posted 08:29pm 31/3/11
Dirt 2 used GFWL, so I'd imagine this will to sadly
Posted 01:59am 01/4/11
I've had no problems with GFWL.
Seems pretty cool to me...shrug.
Good for chatting in between races in DiRT2 so others can't see what you're talking about in game.
Kind of email style..
Voice coms works pretty well too - you can mute noobs easily...
Posted 02:15am 01/4/11
GFWL was fine once I figured out the version that came with the game was utter failure x infinity and downloaded the setup file from MS directly, but like I said, once I'd gone through all that s*** I'd lost interest in playing the game. That's where I'd rather play it on xbox, just put the disc in and be done with it. Unfortunately my steering wheel is on the PC so I'll probably end up having to endure more GFWL annoyances.
Posted 07:15pm 01/4/11
I first played dirt2 on a PS3. When I moved it over to the PC ( a 3 year old semi-beast) it was a revelation. Higher frame rate AND resolution and the ability to tailor the gfx. You also have more choice of which wheel to use.
This is not to start a PC vs console argument. Consoles have their place and I know that. I can't comment on the Xbox... Just sayin is all :)
I agree the setup for GFWL can be a bit d***y ( or was in the past)- but i'm sure they will sort that out.
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