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Post by trog @ 10:31pm 30/03/11 | 36 Comments
EA have thrown out a hot new Battlefield 3 trailer from the talented powers that be at DICE, showing off the final part of the game that we saw at GDC:
“Get that Wire Cut!” refers to the fact that Sgt. Black in this episode needs to disarm a bomb. Episode III starts with Sgt. Black crawling through a ventilation shaft, melee fighting an enemy in a basement, disarming a bomb, then exiting onto the streets for a massive shootout with multiple enemies and supporting friendly troops.
Watch it below or head over to the video page to watch or download the high def version. Boom!

battlefield 3trailerdiceea
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:39am 31/3/11
Apologies to Enska who had a forum post; I meant to lock this and redirect to yours but in my sick-induced stupor I messed it up then was too lazy to fix it. Props!
Posted 12:39am 31/3/11
I hate the gun sounds they aren't impressive at all.
Posted 12:51am 31/3/11
Dammit, just saw this on /v/ haha.
Posted 12:52am 31/3/11
The guns sound just fine :S And wicked.
Posted 12:55am 31/3/11
I hope that was being played on easy cause he was out in the open for most of that vid and rarely even got hit.
Posted 01:12am 31/3/11
does this carry on from bad company 2 or is that a completely different game?
Posted 01:17am 31/3/11
It's completely different Whoop. This is the true sequel to BF2, whereas the Bad Company series was a spin off of sorts.
Posted 01:19am 31/3/11
So epic. Must have.
Posted 01:38am 31/3/11
funny you say that , because i was just thinking how awesome the guns sounded :)
Posted 01:57am 31/3/11
Damn, Guess I'll have to go buy all the previous titles then. Only Battlefield game I've ever played was bad company 2 :(
Posted 02:01am 31/3/11
The other ones never had a story at all, so its not like theres a story that it will be continuing, so you haven't missed anything.
Posted 02:20am 31/3/11
Although it looks very linear and scripted, I may actually play the single player campaign this time. BC2 campaign was horrible.
Posted 02:27am 31/3/11
Yeah linear and scripted isn't necessarily a bad thing. I loved the BC2 campaign but, was a s***** story but the characters made up for it and the level design wasn't bad. Although it was quite straight forward it still felt a lot more open than the likes of COD.
Posted 04:29am 31/3/11
do you guys realise the trees/leaves moving according to the explosion of the car?
Posted 08:31am 31/3/11
Yea I thought the gun sounds were great, dunno what Pirrohs smoking. Still, all I care about is bullet damage, hardcore mode kthx.
Posted 08:33am 31/3/11
Fudge yeah! I can't wait!
Posted 08:41am 31/3/11
scaleform is now almost every game ui developers b****
Posted 09:07am 31/3/11
Is this going to be the best game ever made!!? F***!

My DC craving will finally be fulfilled.
Posted 09:10am 31/3/11
Excited wee...
Posted 10:58am 31/3/11
when is it coming out?
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:06am 31/3/11
Love the sound of the mini guns going off on the chopper. When I'm playing it I hope s*** gets real.
Posted 11:24am 31/3/11
Can't...stop...watching. Xxyyz, it's slated for a November release.
Posted 02:45pm 31/3/11
Youtube version for Wetwired : )

Posted 06:18pm 31/3/11
They will probably ban it here... :|
Posted 06:48pm 31/3/11
i jumped when he pulled the wires out.. i'm such a pussy
Posted 07:15pm 31/3/11
I hate the gun sounds they aren't impressive at all.

Sorry but guns don't sound impressive in real life


They just sounds like small crackers going off. (when getting shot at)

Only game that has ever nailed the gun sounds is americas army 3 and everyone b****ed about it because the guns sounded piss weak. However, all the RL army dudes loved it because they said it sounded exactly like the real thing.

Pitty the game is buggy as f*** and unplayable
Posted 09:17pm 31/3/11
Looks so awesome.

I reckon this is the start of next generation FPS. Beats anything else out there.
Posted 10:02pm 31/3/11
I hope that was being played on easy cause he was out in the open for most of that vid and rarely even got hit.

That's exactly what I thought after I watched the Episode II trailer (of BF3) when they're on the roof the squad mates a crawl against a wall avoiding the sniper whilst the player character is also prone but out in the open, yet doesn't get shot :-/

Definitely impressed by the scale of this game!
Posted 11:05pm 31/3/11
'pretty sure all FPS console players play games on 'easy'
Posted 11:24pm 31/3/11
Except the trailers have been on PC.
Posted 11:33pm 31/3/11
Pretty sure they would have cranked it right down so they could capture the perfect cinematic demo without having annoying things like dying getting in the way. I wouldn't be suprised if they had god mode turned on or something.

I just hope the game plays that awesomely and has that same epic feeling to it when its played for real, i'm hoping its not a case of things look awesome but only from a very specific point of view if you do them in a specific way. Hope its reasonably free-flowing and unscripted is I guess what i'm saying.
Posted 11:39pm 31/3/11
Could also be that there are a bunch of targets for the enemy to shoot at and your just one of them, logic says they wont all target you instinctively... but then again it's a game.
Posted 01:03pm 04/4/11
looking good
Posted 01:38pm 04/4/11
any multiplayer vids ffs?
Posted 07:44pm 04/4/11
Single player vids look lame. The eye candy looks nice...guess I'm just used to playing AA and games like that. Where you don't get hit 30 times and keep shooting. Hopefully MP is different :P
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