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Post by Dan @ 04:28pm 30/03/11 | 15 Comments
Even after the recently announced extra delay (of the already unprecedented overdue date) on Duke Nukem Forever, the release date for North America was still a couple of days behind the international launch date. The folks over at the US contingent of PC Gamer were a bit baffled by this, questioning: "why is this game, which stars the quintessential American badass, is made by an American developer, and is published by an American company being released four days later in North America than internationally?".

2K Games responded with a rather simple explanation, that casually points the finger at U.S. retailers and their apparently unwavering procedure to only launch new games released on Tuesdays and these big brick and mortor players don't like getting pipped by online stores.
“We have a commitment to our fans to get the game out as early as possible, and every day counts. New games are available on Tuesday in North America, so we’re getting the game out as early as possible in this territory. The international markets do not adhere to this release timing, and it just happens that they will be able to release the game a few days before North America. We don’t want to hold it back, we want to get it into the hands of consumers as soon as possible,”
Here in Australia, the official release date is now June 10th 2011, which is a Friday, while our friends across the Pacific will have to wait until the following Tuesday June 14 to come get some.

Given the time difference and the international date-line (and assuming street-dates hold), Australians and New Zealanders will actually be the first markets in the world to play this one -- albeit at our usual inflated retail prices. Whether it's going to be any good or not though, is another question entirely.

duke nuke foreverrelease date
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:32pm 30/3/11
I usually wait for the reviews first anyway. So no rush for me.
Posted 04:32pm 30/3/11
Now they know how we feel every, single, major, release. Take that for having retarded rules like TUESDAY IS GAMES DAY!
Posted 04:37pm 30/3/11
I'd rather have Tuesday release day than no R 18+ rating.
Posted 04:38pm 30/3/11
Don't most games and movies all come out on Thursdays here? It always seems to be the case.
Posted 04:46pm 30/3/11
Is it on Steam yet?
Posted 05:06pm 30/3/11
oh noes what a suprise, duke nukem the longest game in the making ever has been delayed again. lol

Posted 05:06pm 30/3/11
Must be almost time for them to release the demo they promised early for Borderlands owners, first access club or somesuch BS.
Posted 05:13pm 30/3/11
nah they dont release demo's before the game anymore these days, the demo gets released a week or 2 after the game is released...
Posted 05:13pm 30/3/11
Lol yeah where is our Demo? Maybe it will be delayed until after the release of the game? lol
Posted 12:24am 31/3/11
will this be on steam?
Posted 12:30am 31/3/11
Don't most games and movies all come out on Thursdays here? It always seems to be the case.

Tuesdays and Thursdays seemed to be the trend but I don't think it was ever mandatory.
Posted 01:04am 31/3/11
Like games, software updates (ie. Microsoft, Apple) also adhere to the Tuesday rule.


This is the day where most employees attached to the entire cycle of software development and sale are likely to be at their place of employment, to service customers:

- Tech support
- Retail sales
- Marketing/Communications (to make corrections, post on forums, etc)

(Mondays are no good, since more people would take Monday off over a Tuesday)

That said, I hate it, but you get used to it. For a time, it looked like Australia was holding software releases to Wednesday (to 'sync' with North America). But it looks like that's limited to just CDs and DVDs...
Posted 07:48pm 03/4/11
Yes MaRtz is has been confirmed to be available on Steam.
Posted 01:00pm 04/4/11
This is classic stuff, well it better be good!
Posted 06:13pm 04/4/11
thanks you random person you!
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