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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:38pm 29/03/11 | 7 Comments
AusGamers was lucky enough to hang out with the cats at Codemasters in the UK a little while back, and still have a bit to tell you about the visit. Today we're buckling for a ride in the next DiRT series update, DiRT 3.

For fans of the series wanting more rally than has been prevalent of late, the good news is the team have heard you concerns and approached the third game accordingly. It was one of the first things they really talked up to us, and with more than 100 courses, varying weather and times of day and combinations of all of that, we're inclined to agree. But there's more here, which we break down in today's hands-on preview.

Click here for the full drive-through.

codemastershands-onpreviewdirt 3ken block
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:41pm 29/3/11
hrm still look like billboarded environment sprites as in GT5, what is with that developers use the frickin gpu powah!

Posted 05:35pm 29/3/11
cool review Steve. it's a pity it (DiRT3) wasn't a bit further along in it's dev for a full review but I am still keen.

it's kind of a pity that they have identified 'moar rally' as the #1 problem with DiRT2 coz from my experience the #1 complaint from dirt2 players was grey areas of 'cheating' like wallbanging, shortcuts & respawn bugs. plus the obvious cheating shiz like 3rd party apps to allow you to use any part of the map or drive through obstacles & the like.

Apart from rally & gymkhana modes... are there still rallycross & trailblazer modes? (i don't care much about trophy trucks or raid or landrush.. those modes sucked!) youtube uploader will be cool... no more fraps bs! :P

lookin' forward to hooning on the new tracks :D
Posted 05:37pm 29/3/11
SPLIT SCREEN!!!! Thank the gods!
Posted 05:37pm 29/3/11
amen to all that demi mon
Posted 05:49pm 29/3/11
pumping them out too often...
Posted 10:15pm 29/3/11
18 months is plenty of time between releases for the game to be more than just minor updates graphically and in gameplay
Posted 05:28pm 31/3/11
Did they bring back tuning? Really missed this in DiRT 2.
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