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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:23am 29/03/11 | 3 Comments
It might be time to dust off the likes of Chinatown or L.A. Confidential to brush up on your noire knowledge, because Australia's own Team Bondi are poised to leave something of an impact on local development with their high-profile Rockstar-produced release, L.A. Noire, arriving in just over a month's time.

In typical Rockstar fashion, they're ever-so-slowly leaking bits and pieces of information about the game to the press in the form of informative videos or new screenshots, the latter of which we have for you today.
The post-war economic boom and full-fledged glory of Hollywood’s golden era brought a new, revitalized air of glamour and prestige to the world of Los Angeles in 1947. In L.A. Noire, this is exemplified by high-end mansions flanked by luxury vehicles, exclusive restaurants and top class shops... all catering to the idle class.
Their words, not ours. However, we will agree that there's definitely something eye-catching here, and when we get a better chance to really bite into it, we'll let you know if it has the chops. Click the thumbnails below to check out the new screens.

l.a. noirescreenshotsrockstarteam bondi
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:25am 29/3/11
I bet you this game is slow and boring.
Posted 11:17am 29/3/11
It's not fast-paced action like GTA, but it certainly isn't boring.
Posted 12:10pm 29/3/11
Fair enough. I'd kinda wanna play a game like this, but I feel like I've been burnt in the past by these sorts of games. Eg. I thought Blade Runner had so much potential, but was really lacking better game play.
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