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Post by Dan @ 01:30pm 25/03/11 | 65 Comments
While we know a lot of you are now just passing the time until Battlefield 3, it's far from the only big shooter in Electronic Arts' stable. Yesterday saw the launch of Crytek's latest offering, Crysis 2 and we're happy to report that it's looking pretty good.

Here at AusGamers, we're well aware that there's still a large element of our community that expects more out of their first person shooters than a half-baked console-port and most of us here share that same view. So once again, we've put seasoned multiplayer shooter veteran Nachos on the case, to give Crysis 2 a thorough critique.
Being a Crysis game and a first-person shooter, it is still best played on the PC and, thankfully, Crytek has paid a decent amount of respect to its roots. Crytek has done an admirable job of walking that fine line between a multiplatform experience and giving PC gamers some love.
Check out the full very in-depth Crysis 2 review here on for the complete low-down from a PC-centric perspective. And if you own a console, don't be scared off, as this write-up comes from the perspective of having played both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game at length.

crysis 2review
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:54pm 25/3/11
I've only played around 45 mins of it so far and my intiial thought was that the demo really didnt do it justice. It seems a lot smoother and nicer looking overall.

Hard to explain, but it just really feels great.
Posted 02:02pm 25/3/11
Personally, I find the lack of graphics customisation a bit of a slap in the face. As I did not have a 'Crysis-killer' PC I spent a lot of time customising every option for a few frames per second. Whilst I am not the type to complain about dumbing down for consoles (this is the reality of modern gaming) it doee seem odd that a developer like Crytek would leave this out.
Posted 02:42pm 25/3/11
Hey Dan just a quick suggestion for reviews.

I don't have any complaints about the review content on this site, but the wall of text layout could be improved. Can you make the review multi-paged? And perhaps add subheadings to break it up? I guess it's more obvious with the lengthy reviews.
Posted 02:47pm 25/3/11
Multi-Paged? Piss off. Sub-headings I could live with.

Screen shots still need work though, I never realised Thumbnails that could open into a new window would be so hard.
Posted 02:51pm 25/3/11
PC developers don't push the hardware anymore. This game is a good example.
Posted 03:13pm 25/3/11
I agree about the sub-headings. Leave it all on one page though.

Haven't read the review yet, checking it out now.
Posted 04:36pm 25/3/11
f*** multi page.
Posted 04:44pm 25/3/11
Multi page can go to multi hell.
Posted 04:59pm 25/3/11
plz stay on topic; if you have comments about review formatting start a new thread, or maybe add feedback to the media matinee forum post
Posted 05:51pm 25/3/11
must resist urge to point out contradiction.

So i'm a few levels in and its ok i guess. I seem to be having a bit of mouse lag though... Lack of graphics options is retarded. I'm running it on hardcore setting whatever the hell that means.
Posted 06:00pm 25/3/11
I seem to be having a bit of mouse lag though

I did too. Turned it down from Extreme to Very High - in my opinion it actually looks and feels better/clearer. I don't like maximum AA anyway as it blurs some detail out.

So far liking the game. Current annoying things are the moving main menu as well as mouse-inversion not working during cinematic interactive scenes.

The cover system is pretty good in my opinion. You don't have to initiate cover - you can stand/sit anywhere and it detects if you're in a cover position to let you pop out when needed. Hence it takes away the console feel of a multi-platform game, which I like.
Posted 06:56pm 25/3/11
You can use this program here that lets you pick high quality settings. if you don't trust the program, just use these commands it made for just then. Put them in an autoexec.cfg file in your crysis 2 base folder (E:\crysis 2 or whatever.)


Ok the motionblur command doesn't seem to be effected by this, or maybe it's just because I have the radialblur thing turned on so it's conflicting or something.

last edited by DM at 18:56:55 25/Mar/11
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:26pm 25/3/11
I'm having fun with it atm although there are a couple of things which I don't really like. You can't save the game whenever you want which kinda sucks. It does have checkpoints but it blows goats having to start back at them when you had gone a fair way. But in saying that the checkpoints aren't miles apart so it's not game-breaking. Actually, that's prolly the only thing I can fault with it atm so I lied when I said I had two complaints.

Really loving the 50 cal action. Being able to jump onto a hummer or whatever they are, grab onto the 50 cal and then get the option to actually pick the f***** up and walk around with it is damn cool. That thing in the early levels is f*****g sweet as. You feel like Arnie when he had the mini gun in T2.

And the environments are really lush. It's a nice touch when walking between skyscrapers and seeing some of the floors on fire. Couldn't help but think of the trade towers burning.

Anyway, it's a lovely looking game and once I finish SP I'll check out MP and give that a go. Prolly end up getting my ass handed to me.
Posted 12:50am 26/3/11
Can anyone with an ATI card confirm that (like in the demo) the stereoscopic 3D options are greyed out for them? Haven't found a single ATI user who can access them yet.
Posted 01:54am 26/3/11
Yeah, the 3D options are greyed out for me too.
Posted 02:53am 26/3/11
You can use this program here that lets you pick high quality settings

Didn't like those graphics changes (the AA looks terrible in this game imho), but cheers for the intro/logo skip and fov variables.
Posted 12:29pm 26/3/11
^^ That dude sounds like a whiny little b****. The only thing he complained about that should really be an issue is the lack of modding tools.
Posted 12:37pm 26/3/11
This game is a bit harsh. Or maybe it's just how i'm playing it. When I get to an area filled with enemies I try to take them out 1 at a time without alerting anyone else, stealth style so It's causing lots of checkpoint restarts as 1 bullet shot off and I just stand there are die lol. Great game what I payed for it I'll tell you that.
Posted 12:56pm 26/3/11
Yeah, the guards seem to have super-human vision and hearing at some points. I've even been spotted through concrete walls a couple times. I've come out of cloak just peeking around a window and a guard that's like 100m away has spotted me instantly. Seems a bit harsh.

I'm playing it on the second-highest difficulty, but I wouldn't even expect the hardest difficulty to be that punishing.
Posted 01:25pm 26/3/11
Yeah i'm playing on 2nd hardest too. I've noticed a few wierd moments. AI getting stuck in corners, trying to run through objects they can't which just makes them go into a "I MUST WALK THROUGH THIS" loop while I walk up to them and melee. I've even noticed a few dead bodies hovering mid air. Oh and try this.

When you are in the office lab and the guys start to repel down, If you shoot them with say a shotgun it'll knock them off the rope, and they will "fall down" in mid air, get back up, and then WOOSH rocket down the rope for the lost time.

I dunno AI in C1 seems to be smarter if you ask me. Actually now that I think about it there hasn't been much improvement to AI since Half Life 1 came out. Ever since then the enemies have always done the same thing. Take cover, shoot, run away. Stop pushing graphics and perhaps work on this game devs?

last edited by DM at 13:25:42 26/Mar/11
Posted 02:27pm 26/3/11
Well if ausgamers and regulars say its good....then well i guess i might as well buy it.

I read somewhere that the graphics thing, as dumbed down as it is, has a whole range of console commands that you can fiddle with so i don't think it is as "dead" in that department as people make out.
Posted 03:44pm 26/3/11
^^ That dude sounds like a whiny little b****. The only thing he complained about that should really be an issue is the lack of modding tools.

Agree++ midda. All I read was waaaa waaaa waaa waaaa.

Gonna grab this game today! Should be interesting to see how my 5870 copes.
Posted 04:47pm 26/3/11
I will acquire it somehow and give it a whirl in SP. I don't really need the MP if it isn't omg super cool different.
Posted 05:37pm 26/3/11
1 thing that I would of liked to see in this game, is between levels you get a map and a line of where your going next. Now say you enter a tunnel, most of the time it skips the entire trek through and goes straight to the other end. I would of liked to slosh around down there and actually play those areas the game has deemed not worthy of play. Sides from that and the dumb AI it's a fun game.

Oh and resist the urge to pick up the sniper rifle. Just don't do it. The AI will happyly stand around screaming SNIPER! and not moving while you pick them off 1 at a time. Even if 3 of the people are looking at each other having a convo, they just stand still as they watch people's heads explode and turn to goo.
Posted 05:50pm 26/3/11
I used a sniper rifle last night, and they were running for cover and calling reinforcements when I started picking them off. I haven't really had any issues with the AI being too dumb, instead I've had them being unfairly aware.
Posted 05:52pm 26/3/11
Hrm I wonder what's up with that then. In my game the marines are all too happy to stand still while I pop them. Aliens too, but not as often. I'll replay through again on hardest setting and see how bad the AI cheats then.
Posted 06:01pm 26/3/11
Should be interesting to see how my 5870 copes.

I'm running a 4870 and it runs of Very High flawlessly so you should be laughing
Posted 12:41am 28/3/11
I have to admit I was feeling a little disappointed at how console-ish it felt at the beginning, but as I got used to the controls and the new feel of it I have to admit it won me over, I'm about 2 hours now and I have to say... It's effing sweet.

Graphics are gorgeous (running on extreme), AI is really good, gameplay is satisfying...

I would have liked some more ties to the original game though, perhaps prophet not dying 4 effing seconds into the plot. Last I remember he was pissing off into a giant ice-dome...
Posted 12:42am 28/3/11
Also, the fact there's no advanced graphics setting is total crap.
Posted 12:51am 28/3/11
This game is a bit buggy:

1. nano-catalyst sometimes gets reset to zero after quitting/reloading. stays at zero for freaking ages despite picking up more catalyst
2. melee attacks sometimes don't work at all
3. grab/throw kills sometimes produce no nano-catalyst, or the catalyst is shown as being on the ground but you actually have to jump into the air to register a collection.
4. "cdkey in use" the first time trying to play MP. The game doesn't store the key properly, have to re-enter it several times until it saves - then it works permanently.

To counter #1, I just never quit the game. When I'm done playing I just leave the game running in the menu and alt-tab out and go about my business - having quadcore + 12GB of ram makes this easy.

Also I agree the AI is ridiculous with the player-detection - being spotted through the tiniest crack (or through opaque/solid objects) from 100m away. Far cry imho had the most balanced AI. You could actually take cover/hide and the AI would go around hunting for you.

Still, a good game. Tho how did the suit get from Prophet's body onto Alcatraz's if no-one else was around to put it on him?
Posted 01:14am 28/3/11
He put it on Alcatraz, which is why Prophet is wearing that weird body glove.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:20am 28/3/11
The game is f*****g awesome fun in single player. Went and saw Battle Los Angeles today and couldn't help thinking about Crysis 2. Massive carnage on both sides. Great game and you can see a heap of work has gone into the lvl design.
Posted 01:52am 28/3/11
He put it on Alcatraz, which is why Prophet is wearing that weird body glove

I thought the reason he shot himself was to kill the link to the suit so it could be removed?
Posted 09:39am 28/3/11
Yeah, I got an app like that one (not the same one, but does the same thing). I didn't actually customise any of the graphics settings since the game runs amazingly well even on maximum settings, but it's great to easily fix the FoV and turn on zoom toggle.
Posted 11:15am 28/3/11
@ parabol - That was after he put the suit on you. All I'll say is it'll make more sense by the end of the game... or less sense, depending on how you interpret it.
Posted 02:33pm 28/3/11
Can anyone of you are able to use the Slide Move? I cannot use it because i use LeftCtrl for Crouch and its not possible to press Shift and LCtrl at the same time. It would be great if the slide has a control similar to Bulletstorm [Double Space].
Posted 03:13pm 28/3/11
I use it plenty, just roll your finger onto both keys.
Posted 04:27pm 28/3/11
Yeah, I use left Ctrl, but I can manage to do the slide. I just smoosh both buttons with my left pinky.
Posted 11:26pm 28/3/11
@ Gambit - Yeah, I had problems with this so I've had to switch my Left-Control crouch to C. It allows me to hold the slide for longer.
Posted 09:52am 29/3/11
did anyone buy this game using those cd key websites.... wondering if you put the cd key in steam does it work?
Posted 10:24am 29/3/11
If it's not in here, it won't work.

(pro tip: it's not in there)
Posted 11:47am 29/3/11
did anyone buy this game using those cd key websites.... wondering if you put the cd key in steam does it work?

Doesn't work, EADM only.
If it's not in here, it won't work.

Batman Arkham Asylum's keys as part of nvidia promos aren't in there and they work.
Posted 01:44pm 29/3/11
Anyone getting retarded flickering lighting? I walked out into the sun at the very beginning and was blinded with flickering light.
Posted 05:34pm 29/3/11
this is pretty cool game, really like the engine its running on.

Multiplayer is really fun so far, cant believe that very high works pretty descent on my laptop :P
Posted 08:19pm 29/3/11
i really dont like this at all pretty glad i didnt wast money on this crap. full of glitches and bugs, the AI is sucky the lighting is way off and i get costant page tearing with v-sync on or off. ive played it for about an hour and uninstalled.

Posted 09:32pm 29/3/11
What glitches and bugs are you talking about? The only bug I've had is where the melee button stopped working once until I died.

And the lighting looks fantastic on my machine.
Posted 09:53pm 29/3/11
What glitches and bugs are you talking about? The only bug I've had is where the melee button stopped working once until I died.

And the lighting looks fantastic on my machine.

I had that problem too with the melee stopping. Was weird...

I fixed the light having a spas out if anyone is interested. Was to do with Crossfire/SLI and apparently Crytek are on to fixing it. I just renamed the crysis2.exe to rift.exe and updated my ATI drivers to the latest and works fine. I can see clouds now!
Posted 10:46pm 29/3/11
yer its pretty buggy and the ai is s***house sometimes, but hey i dint pay for it so im not 2 fussed
Posted 11:15pm 29/3/11
d/ling now >< You pricks, the demo was so s*** I was sure I'd never play it but you all seem to rate it so I can't resist!@#
Posted 12:01am 30/3/11
I just installed it on my laptop to see how it runs. I never looked at the different graphics presets before, as my machine just defaulted to Extreme. Turns out there are only 3 presets. High, Very High and Extreme. The only difference seems to be anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing. Other than that, they looked the same, but the performance difference was noticeable.
Posted 12:16am 30/3/11

Looks fun.
Posted 12:35am 30/3/11
Wow. "tweaks" alright. Flat out hacks if you ask me, yet he swears he isn't using any program to do it, and it's simply unprotected files (I guess) that allow you to change stuff that effects your game. Still not tried this game MP as I havn't finished SP and just havn't had the time.

EDIT - Oh and this
"we never said we were working on a dx11 patch"

last edited by DM at 00:35:29 30/Mar/11
Posted 01:35am 30/3/11
There is already hacks for it, and you can pirate the game and play multiplayer. Fun stuff. Glad I didn't pay for my copy, but got a friend to gift it to me lol.
Posted 10:45am 30/3/11
Wow, 'tweaks'? Right...
Posted 12:31pm 30/3/11
yeah its like they made the game to be pirated. you can make a multiplayer account, enter a server and if someone is using ur cd key u can change it then and there in a pop up menu to whatever u want.

Posted 01:08pm 30/3/11
Yep, doesn't even check back to a database or anything. Ah well, the death of another stupid PC developer.
Posted 01:24pm 30/3/11
I just tried it then and presto im playing my warez version online.

What a joke and another kick in the nuts for people who paid for this...

Posted 01:27pm 30/3/11
Yeah, I'm sure Crytek haven't made any money of Crysis 2 at all, and they're going to go bankrupt.

PC only made up 14% of their sales. The PC version could have been totally broken and useless and it wouldn't have really mattered to their sales.

Besides, they have one of the most advanced game engines in existence, with absolutely amazing tools. They're not going anywhere.
Posted 01:30pm 30/3/11
yeah the new cryengine 3 is f***** amazing
Posted 03:08pm 30/3/11
Posted 11:35am 31/3/11
Crysis is and only ever will be a advertising tool. They care too much about the engine so making a game just gets lost to them. It's a shame, because I enjoyed Crysis a lot.

Bugs and annoyances I've encountered so far:

Melee always breaking
Getting stuck in that elevator that takes you up to Gould's apartment. Was so damn annoying.
AI is bloody awful. I can stand in front of them and they just stare at you.
Sometimes scripted events will play out without audio or improper syncing.
Multiplayer is just terrible. S*** is flying everywhere and it's just a sniper stealth camp fest. The killcam is cool though.
Posted 09:31pm 05/4/11

That 14% statistic is only from retail sales and does not include digital sales (i.e. Steam and other online stores etc). They predict that it would be around 30% if those are also included.
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