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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:35am 23/03/11 | 9 Comments
Sony Computer Entertainment have pledged to have some 30 3D-enabled "titles" on the PS3 by the end of this year (this includes movies by the looks of it), and have done so with an info-graphic pointing out what games will be arriving in stereoscopic 3D, percentages of 3D demo downloads and more.

For the full info-graphic, click here.

It's an interesting angle, especially with Nintendo 3DS just around the corner, and makes it all the more curious the NGP, Sony's successor to the PSP, will avoid the 3D market altogether. Still, seeing that Uncharted 3 is on that list, it could be time for me to upgrade my TV.

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Posted 11:41am 23/3/11
That's all well and good on sonys part to try and compete but I'd say not many people own a 3D TV so looks like they are racing to catch up to nintendo for no real reason. At least with the 3DS everyone can see the effects.

Also I find it rather lol that "Bon Jovi's What You Got" is something worth proudly exclaiming.
Posted 01:25pm 23/3/11
I still dont understand why there isnt more 3d goggles availiable that have built in LCDs etc...

I attended CeBIT 2001 and they had 1024x768 3d goggles that only weighed 500grams and had x,y,z tilt sensors build in so you cool look around using your head etc. That pair I used cost $3000 each and were used in the mining industry.

Why the f*** is it 2010 now and we dont have higher res goggles for less price?
Posted 09:52pm 23/3/11
Is there a downside to 3d televisions? Besides the price I mean. Like, does making them capable of 3d hurt the performance or lower the specs of them when they're showing non-3d stuff? That is, would a 3d television and a non-3D television with equivalent specs be equal when the 3D tv isn't doing 3D?

I've toyed with the idea of getting one, but since its still new tech I'm just wary of it being s***.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:21pm 23/3/11
Yeah Khel, I'm in the same boat as you, and it's made all the worse because it would help for editorial purposes here, obviously. But I keep reading about the emergence of glasses free TV. Samsung unveiled a prototype last week (will find the link later) that was a 55" plasma glasses free TV that had 9 angles for viewing, so the tech is there, but they'd need more than 9 so I'm waiting for that breakthrough TV.

In saying that though, there's going to be a marginal difference in price, and I've had my current plasma for three years now, so A): it is time to upgrade and B): It's likely still at least two years for affordable, good glasses free...

Hrm, I guess I just convinced myself
Posted 10:41pm 23/3/11
Personally, I think I'd go for a 24" monitor with active-shutter glasses before I'd go for a full TV. IMO the price points are still way too high for the TVs when you're paying for what is still essentially a gimmick and not yet widely adopted.

They run at 120Hz, so at least you know the quality is going to be just as good as a regular monitor. Whereas I presume that (but TBH I'm not sure as I haven't used them extensively) the glasses you have to use for polarised TVs would slightly darken the picture because of how the tech works -- the same they do at the cinema. But yeah, I'm not sure if that's the case, mabye the screen automatically runs brighter when in 3D mode?

In any case, PC games have far and away the widest support for 3D. PS3 is still pretty much token-effort in comparison, and even then they have to cripple most games down to < 30 FPS to get 3D running. Whereas on PC, you're only limited by how powerful your rig is.

As for movies, well hell, look at how long it took for the 3D BD of Avatar to come out. Wider adoption will ramp up eventually, but it's going to take a lot more content providers than just Sony with a few games every year to make that happen. Maybe once PJ's new Hobbit movie hits Blu-Ray in 3D, s*** will start to happen.

So yeah, I'd go the 120Hz PC monitor (with active-shutter tech) approach for now, just as a nice stop-gap comprimise before commiting to a full TV (but would definitely make sure it's compatible with PS3's 3D of course).
Posted 10:39pm 23/3/11
I bought a 3D TV at work and the non-3D picture has not been compromised at all - Sony NX710. What I can say confidently about 3D TV is that it's a load of crap and a waste of money (although in this case I got a PS3 by redemption so not all bad). Playing GT5 in 3D is just stupid, the only 3D thing about is that the HUD 'floats' in fornt of the track.
Posted 11:25pm 23/3/11
3D games are stupid. The resolution is halved. Apparently killzone 3 looks like a blurry mess.

Unless playing on PC, I'd be waiting for the PS4/720 in a few years. Hopefully the 3d fad will be over by then anyhow and developers can stop wasting time on it.

The shutter glasses are pretty s***** and flickery still, even the good panasonic plasma's. LG has released some sets in the US just recently that use the cheapo polarized tech so you can use the lighter glasses you get given at the cinema. Apparently it's much better.

IMO glasses-less 3D with more than 9 viewing angles is at least 4 years away.
Posted 11:41pm 23/3/11
Closest thing to 3D i've thought of going is getting 3 monitors and going for eyefinity but even with a new PC that adds on like another $1000 - $1500 to the cost. I may get a 3D tv but from the ones i've seen they flicker and hurt my eyes almost as soon as I put the glasses on. Anytime they want to make a 3DS style one i'll be all over that.
Posted 01:58pm 24/3/11
Flatscreens would sell by the bucket loads only if it had 2D and 3D-enable ( w/out glasses of course ) at the same time.
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