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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:19am 23/03/11 | 32 Comments
We have a new Crysis 2 launch trailer for you today, as the game ships locally here this week, but ahead of said release, after just a day on US shores, Crytek released a Day One patch for the PC, which, among a lot of good, reveals the team are still yet to implement their promised DirectX 11 support, much to the chagrin of many a high-end PC gamer. Check out the patch notes below:
  • Server Browser shows incorrect pings - Fixed
  • Some matches never initiate - Fixed
  • Faster text chat - As speedy as can be
  • Console re-enabled - Console has been re-activated
  • Cheat detection - Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
  • Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
  • Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used - Fixed
  • Remove Auto Aim - This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback
It's not unusual for devs to release Day One patches these days, though the list itself reveals there were a few tweaks that needed to be made.

Also, check out the new trailer embedded below, or click here for the HD stream.

crysis 2crytekdirectx 11pcreleasetrailer
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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:34am 23/3/11
I've got the pre-load thingy downloading atm. Can't wait to see this running on my machine.

Posted 11:50am 23/3/11
Damn, people are buying this after that demo?
Posted 11:53am 23/3/11
Apparantly there are some big issues people have with the game such as locked config files, unsetable FoV locked at 55, unable to turn off mouse acceleration, no real graphics settings except for pre defined ones so no custom stuff and the quicksave/quickload is gone. Don't really get why'd they remove/not include basic PC standard stuff.
Posted 12:01pm 23/3/11
not even going to look at this unless it has DX11
Posted 12:16pm 23/3/11
Some people on the forums are saying they are almost finished it and they've only been playing about 5 hours. Ugh. Hope this isn't true. Hope everyone is just complaining for the hell of it.

EDIT - According to some it has no DX10? just 9? WTF? This can't be true...

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Posted 12:21pm 23/3/11
Haha, who would buy this after the demo/leaked version?
Posted 12:50pm 23/3/11
I'm saving my cash for Brink
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:52pm 23/3/11
Haha, who would buy this after the demo/leaked version?

I did


Although I didn't download the leaked version so I'm not spoiling anything. And I had fun playing thru Crysis and Warhead so if this is just as much fun as those games then I don't care about spending $70 on it.
Posted 12:53pm 23/3/11
I pre-ordered Brink ages ago when it was $45 on steam. I checked it's release date last night and it's jumped up at $89.95. Double the price. I loled. I made a post telling everyone to get it too while it was cheap.
Posted 01:04pm 23/3/11
I pre-ordered Brink ages ago when it was $45 on steam. I checked it's release date last night and it's jumped up at $89.95. Double the price. I loled. I made a post telling everyone to get it too while it was cheap.

Ahhh Really!?!?! Yeah I pre-ordered too!
Posted 01:08pm 23/3/11
$89.95?! LOL

I got it at $49.95 and am not even bothering with anything until it comes out. Just a few BC2 scrims.
Posted 01:19pm 23/3/11
It's still 49.99 on the US Store
Posted 02:58pm 23/3/11
Crysis was a game that revolutionised graphics in games (and physics) and even looks amazing today.

Crysis2 is a consolised game that has put the PC and graphics quality on the side bench, its created a fast action packed shooter that simply does not deliver what the first game did.

Having DX9 only support on day1 is an insult to the PC gamer and for what Crysis stood for... having it patched in "later"... if your paying for a game you WANT to play it in DX11 from day 1... not on 2nd play through or having to wait.
Posted 08:18pm 23/3/11
I guess Crytek have desecrated your family honour for not including DX11 at launch? I played the demo and the graphics looks amazing and it ran brilliantly, better than the original. If there's a patch coming that'll make it look even better again, that's fine by me.

Seriously, relax.

EDIT: Pre-loading now, keen to get stuck into it tomorrow!

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Reverend Evil
Posted 01:09pm 24/3/11
When does this game unlock??

I can go down to EB at buy it now and play but I can't play it thru Steam yet. WTF?
Posted 01:21pm 24/3/11
When I checked it at 8am today before going to work, it said it would unlock in an hour. I assumed it'd be ready by now. It's listed as "Now Available" on the Steam store.
Posted 01:22pm 24/3/11
$30-35 via online cdkey places (both of these below I've used in the past):

Anyone played this yet (not the leaked version) and can give an opinion?
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:30pm 24/3/11

That's what I get when I try to run it. Plus my AVG thingy keeps saying that the crysis.exe is a trojan.


Posted 01:40pm 24/3/11
How the crap do they sell the keys for $35?
Posted 01:44pm 24/3/11
Buy them in bulk from EA?
Posted 01:48pm 24/3/11
Oh. That makes sense. Hrm well if parabol has used them before I guess it's not a dodgey site. Well I was honestly waiting for a scene crack but for $35 why the crap not. Sold.
Posted 01:51pm 24/3/11
question is does those cd keys work in steam?
Posted 01:52pm 24/3/11
I just bought a key from the second link. Will see how it goes.
Posted 01:54pm 24/3/11
Yeah I just ordered one from that store too. Lets see how long it takes.
Posted 02:17pm 24/3/11
yeah i have to agree with KF on this one
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:21pm 24/3/11
Finally got it going. Had to disable AVG so it wouldn't keep bringing up the alert.

Anyway, so far the game looks f*****g awesome. Got settings set to max and res at 2048x1152 and there's no slow down at all. Impressed with it so far.
Posted 03:05pm 24/3/11
Stupid work, I want to be at home playing it now. :(
Posted 08:23pm 24/3/11
Well still no CD key from them but i'm putting that down to it being late by the time I had ordered so i'll start to worry if by lunch tomorrow I don't have an email from them with my cd key.
Posted 11:10pm 24/3/11
I've been playing this tonight, and I'm pretty impressed. The new engine is fantastic. It looks way better than Crysis one, despite only running in DX9, and runs flawlessly on my machine. Better than the original.

The controls are a bit all over the place though. Haven't settled on a control layout I like yet.
Posted 12:22am 25/3/11
Just a warning, as in the demo if you have an ATI card, don't expect to be able to get any inbuilt stereoscopic 3D happening. I've heard it's still greyed out.
Posted 12:34am 25/3/11
Well still no CD key from them

Mine just came through (though he forgot to attach the cdkey to the email the first time). cdkey redeemed and downloading now ...
Posted 12:48am 25/3/11
Yeah my key just came through about 20 min ago. That site is pure win. I had a pre-downloaded clone dvd all ready to crack as soon as a scene release was made and that worked fine for me. Guess I know where i'm buying my games from for now on.

So far the graphics are pretty bloody amazing considering its running dx9. I got a mediumish system so was dreading the 10 - 20 fps i'd get. Now i'm running it at 1920x1080, extreme settings with motion blur turned off, mouse accel turned off and its just jingles. Can't wait to see what dx11 looks like.

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