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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:15pm 22/03/11 | 9 Comments
The hacker community seem to be working overtime on breaking consoles of late, and now one particularly clever guy has gone and done something no one ever thought conceivable; married Kinect with a PS3 and used it to play Killzone 3.

That last sentence has enough of a punch to knock the lights out of any devout console fanboy, and for the sheer tenacity of putting these two together, our hat is off to you, oh dear hacker.

The video is a bit slow, so this one is more for the tech-heads out there, but it's interesting, nonetheless. Watch the YouTube embed below.

killzone 3kinectps3kinect hack

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Posted 05:27pm 22/3/11
Man if they could get this working well enough, FPS games just got a whole lot cooler. Still waiting on the minority report style control though for windows haha. I think everyone would love that.
Posted 05:32pm 22/3/11
It would be as fun a Wii.
Posted 06:37pm 22/3/11
Pretty cool, the technology is now out there, but just needs tweaking.
Posted 07:46pm 22/3/11
wheneva I go to the shops and watch other people play on a kinect display, is it just me or is it severely laggy? It's like the person jumps and then the character on screen jumps like half a second later or longer.. I dunno what all the hype is about, but it looks pretty s***. If you move, the character should move at same time, it should be instant, just like moving a mouse and pointer moves at same time.
Posted 09:16pm 22/3/11
amirite or amirite? or is everyone still talking about s***.
Posted 11:06pm 22/3/11
a bit slow? was snail paced...
Posted 11:20pm 22/3/11
ur rite, martz
Posted 11:24pm 22/3/11
Gotta remember it has to take in the actions your doing, respond them to code, then regurgitate them to the video game. All while your flailing your arms around at break neck speed.
Posted 11:29pm 22/3/11
This is much more impressive.

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