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Post by Dan @ 04:13pm 22/03/11 | 27 Comments
Square-Enix have released another new trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, this time, offering us an extended look at some of the game's multi-path gameplay options.

In the video, Narrative Designer Mary DeMarle walks us through a generous eight minutes of gameplay footage, describing several different approaches that you can take through a single section of the game depending on how you want to play.

Watch the embed below or click here for the HD option.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 25 2011. For more details check out our recent hands-on preview.

deus ex human revolutiondeus extrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:17pm 22/3/11
Ok so i'm only 10 seconds into the actual gameplay and jesus christ what is up with your character's voice? God its so horrible, fake and s***. Not impressed already.
Posted 04:29pm 22/3/11
I don't mind the voice. It's a bit Metal Gear Solid like crossed with a bit of Dark Knight Batman. Gameplay looks promising.
Posted 05:06pm 22/3/11
I hope the PC version supports AA ;).
Posted 05:09pm 22/3/11
its very metal gear solid-ish
Posted 05:10pm 22/3/11
They really need to add the player body into the FPS view; that scene where he's dragging the body along just looked a bit silly. I can't believe we're still playing FPS games without the body in the view!@#
Posted 05:15pm 22/3/11
Trog: And the rag doll physics for when he is dragging the guard. When I have drag someone they don't bounce around like they are made of rubber.
Posted 06:10pm 22/3/11
Sigh. Why does it look so...meh. And lol at the body dragging. Sure do like my bodies being below 2kg.
Posted 06:21pm 22/3/11
I'm a little disapointed that the 3 differnt ways they showed where really only 2, and really those 2 were variations of the same thing. ie, kill everyone walk in, or sneak in maybe killing on your way.

Posted 06:29pm 22/3/11
Day-us? All this time I've been saying it wrong.

Also, along with some of the other minor grips mentioned;
I better be able to turn off that 'I'm Glowing Bright Yellow because you can use me for Fun!' console bulls*** in the PC version.
Posted 06:35pm 22/3/11
I better be able to turn off that 'I'm Glowing Bright Yellow because you can use me for Fun!' console bulls*** in the PC version

Same thing was in the Thief 3 game. Neon blue outline around items you could use. A few days later mods came out to fix that and turn it off or a dark brownish colour so you don't notice it much. I expect the same thing here.
Posted 06:38pm 22/3/11
I think it looks solid, a lot more reminiscent of dx1 rather than invisible war. That being said the level design looks nowhere near as good (more linear) than dx1, but theres still hope! I still rate liberty island mission in dx1 as the best designed level ever in a video game.
Posted 06:39pm 22/3/11
yeah she says it wierd hey scooter.

i always thought it was said kind of like juice with a d
Posted 06:48pm 22/3/11
same, thought it was just juice with a d. Makes more sense they days us x.
Posted 06:57pm 22/3/11
He sounds like walton simons from the first game
Posted 07:00pm 22/3/11
Its latin, and yeah, its pronounced Day-us, sif not know that, latin noobs.

Game looks rather average though, whatever you call it. Doesn't look bad, but doesn't really impress me either. And the shadows look really weird, they almost look like dense black outlines on things at times (like when corpses are on the ground or hes up against a wall).
Posted 07:17pm 22/3/11
sif not know that, latin noobs
Posted 08:44pm 22/3/11
deus ex machina

Simpsons should have taught you to say it properly!
Posted 09:12pm 22/3/11
The underwhelming is great.
Posted 10:48pm 22/3/11
Oh god that was painful. Horrible ragdoll physics, apparent inability to move higher than knee height without the box, voices so mechanical.
Not commenting on the dated graphics as it IS a console port. It had better have awesome story/gameplay or it is going to tank.
Posted 10:55pm 22/3/11
I have to admit, that trailer is woefully underwhelming. It looks as though it is a 2005 game, maybe. Please let the gameplay be awesome.
Posted 11:26pm 22/3/11
I feel sorry for everyone that got so hyped for it when it was announced. It'd be like crushing your d*** in a window sill.
Posted 01:24am 23/3/11
I think part of the issue with the model nuances being picked itt comes back to the tools used to turn out the assets and the processes used to bake all the various elements together being too similar to some kind of style produced for interior designs or commercial stuff.

not that it's a bad thing, just that for me because i have to compare that to something like gameplay clips of Rage and the geniune innovation that they are able to extract from their creative tools pipline, it just leaves games like this short to ones i notice like that because they haven't gone all in with those elements

call me a dellusional super freak if you think that's a bad call, but they used almost all Autodesk content tools in their workflow to turn out this title and i think that really shows in mostly dull and boring ways here :<
Posted 02:36am 23/3/11
Hrm. Not really sure what to make of it, I mean I could probably enjoy it.

Hoping Thief 4 hasn't gained a few of those features however, despite rumours that it has...
Posted 04:29am 23/3/11
its not going to be any watershed i suppose

it becomes quickly apparent when that art/technology paradigm gets it right

unless my expectations of awesome are somewhat ancient, since this is somewhat of a romero v carmack year in terms of ip continuity

last edited by trillion at 04:29:29 23/Mar/11
Posted 10:01pm 24/3/11
well heres more bad news. the pc version of the game has been outsourced to some dutch company. s***** console port incoming.

Posted 10:09pm 24/3/11
O what? That just sucks. O well it probably is all hype anyway.

I guess Battlefield 3 and Witcher 2 are my only hopes this year.
Posted 10:20pm 24/3/11
well heres more bad news. the pc version of the game has been outsourced to some dutch company. s***** console port incoming.

For reals? Got a link?

edit: nvm, found a source.

If PC isn't their primary platform for a PC franchise then my hopes for Thief 4 just plummeted. :(
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