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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:05pm 22/03/11 | 3 Comments
Fans of Rare's classic N64 console FPS, Perfect Dark, are also more than likely not fans of Joanna Dark's follow-up (which was actually a prequel), Perfect Dark Zero. Well, it looks like Ms Dark's adventures weren't just going to end at her Xbox debut, with video hitting the internets showing off another Perfect Dark project from within Rare, reportedly dubbed "Perfect Dark Core".

There's not a great deal here, but it's interesting for those of us who remember the glory days of Rare before they were bought out by Microsoft and left in charge of Avatars and Kinect development. It's interesting to see that, even at a basic level, the team had done some serious work in weapons, mechs and animations.

Watch the YouTube video from Unseen64 below and weep at a developer that used to be cool.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:28pm 22/3/11
nice the mecha prototyping at the very end looks awesome

same fate as Milo for the Kinect? :/
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:32pm 22/3/11
It's so annoying because Rare had a lot of great IPs they could be really maximising on like Killer Instinct, Blast Corpse, Jet Force Gemini...
Posted 02:39pm 22/3/11
do you talk to many other gamers in your travels that all share the same idea but not as an afterthought? i think if you did theres something a bit strange about why those IPs arent being selected for AAA
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