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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:49am 22/03/11 | 3 Comments
It's good news knowing EA and Visceral are committed to expanding the rich world of Dead Space, and it's equally good to hear that the announced film is still very much in production. We're not sure it's good news I Am Number Four director, D.J. Caruso is attached to direct though.

"We're working on the story," Caruso recently confirmed (via Joystiq). "We had one attempt of trying to do a prequel, but the story didn't quite work out as well as we wanted it to. But if we can capture how -- I don't want to say, I guess, how scary or horrifying it would be to play that game because it's really, really fantastic. It'd be fun to make that into a movie."

So, thoughts? Prequel? Tangent? Adaptation? How do you think they should handle the Dead Space movie?

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:15pm 22/3/11
They already did a prequel though didn't they, thats what Downfall was?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:21pm 22/3/11
this is for a live action "blockbuster" movie though, they'll disband all the hard work they've done with the likes of Downfall and Aftermath
Posted 01:54pm 22/3/11
Great game though..
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