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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:20am 22/03/11 | 15 Comments
PC owners will finally get their hands on the first round of downloadable content for Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops, with Activision confirming the DLC would arrive for the desktop platform on the 25th of March on Steam.

Obviously there's much contention over the DLC delivery platform in the PC space given such content updates used to be free, or were part of a greater "expansion", but for those interested in expanding their gameplay with five new multiplayer maps, the new content is going to come in at USD $13.49 thanks to a 10% discount on Valve's part, otherwise it'll normally set you back USD $14.99.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops "First Strike" DLC Trailer

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Posted 10:28am 22/3/11
The COD series is going to be a shadow of a game with the release of Battlefield 3, unless they can develop a new engine they will slowly fade into obscurity with the addition of Frostbite 2.0, must make arrangements for PC upgrades....
Posted 10:33am 22/3/11
yeah i think i'm off the bandwagon after black ops

battlefield 3 looks too damn good
Posted 10:34am 22/3/11
Another $15 mappack that i wont be buying...
Posted 10:36am 22/3/11
No deal, too slow Activision! My wallet hungers to be spent on Portal 2 and Battlefield 3! (and perhaps, Duke Nukem Forever...)
Posted 10:38am 22/3/11
Yeh no deal for me Battilefield 3 and Brink for me
Posted 10:42am 22/3/11
$5..yeah maybe.

$ way.
Posted 10:46am 22/3/11
don't get me wrong i'll get this map pack and keep playing black ops until battlefield 3 comes out, i think black ops is a sweet game but at the end of the year when mw3 comes out the community will die off as half or more of them move to mw3
Posted 10:57am 22/3/11
It's a good map pack, just not appropriately priced, but then again when are DLC's appropriately priced (when they're not free).
Posted 11:00am 22/3/11
Remember the good ol' days when Call of Duty patches included map packs for free on PC? *sigh*
Posted 11:46am 22/3/11
I played all the older series of cod and loved them! played black ops multi for about 1hr just cant get into it! its lost its edge time for them to change,dated game play and game. Just started playing bad company 2 and love it!
Posted 12:03pm 22/3/11
i wonder if they will still follow through with their promise of mod tools? i'm hoping eventually we will be able to play user made maps on unranked servers but considering the companies involved, i'm not going to hold my breath
Posted 12:13pm 22/3/11
The only problem I hate with the COD series is, once a new one comes out, everyone packs up and leaves the old one, leaving the other one dead. And even worse is it's being done every 6-8 months.
Posted 01:49pm 22/3/11
Just go and ask your parents for extra pocket money this week. lul
Posted 02:00pm 22/3/11
The only problem I hate with the COD series is, once a new one comes out, everyone packs up and leaves the old one, leaving the other one dead. And even worse is it's being done every 6-8 months.

yeah reckon, it's once a year a new one comes out because they have 2 different groups make them alternating so when one comes out the next one is already a year or so in development.

i don't think battlefield is as frequent
Posted 02:00pm 22/3/11
I won't even bother. F*****g blck ops community is dead as a doornail anyway. Every time I log on the only servers I can find populated are the s***** 24/7 Nuke ones.
I went back to mw2 and even with all the cheats at least you get a f*****g game.
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