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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:24am 18/03/11 | 7 Comments
BioWare are being as sneaky as Aliens landing in our fields, dissecting our animals or probing red necks, with their impending next DLC announcement, which, like every conspiracy theorist out there, we already know is the bridging episode between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Arrival.

They recently added a few new screenshots to the BioWare ME2 site, and Tweeted with the most recent one "Another Mass Effect 2 screenshot Arrived this morning...". Note the capitalised Arrived in that post, and we have our smoking gun. Unfortunately that's all we know, barring that Arrival will document the Reapers invasion of Earth, which, from that awesome SpikeTV teaser we know is the setting for Mass Effect 3, due to arrive this November.

Check out the new screens below, and stay tuned for details of the new DLC when we get it from the Asari's mouth.

mass effect 2mass effect 3new dlcscreenshotbiowaredlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:30pm 18/3/11
So I'm guessing you wont play Shepherd in this DLC, since in that teaser trailer for ME3 it looks like they're still waiting for Shepherd to get to earth and save everyone.
Posted 02:45pm 18/3/11
That's Shepard in the screens.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:02pm 18/3/11
I think you might actually be directly responsible for the events that lead to ME3 which is what I think this will represent
Posted 01:29pm 20/3/11
New info from BioWare about this:

The News post: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/129/index/6632071/1
In Mass Effect: Arrival, Commander Shepard is sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion that has been looming since the very beginning of the series. Returning and playing a prominent role in Mass Effect: Arrival is fan favorite Admiral Hackett, who is voiced by legendary science-fiction actor Lance Henriksen (Alien, Terminator).

Ths final Mass Effect 2 DLC will arrive March 29 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. The PDLC pack will be available for 560 MS Points on Xbox 360, $6.99 on PlayStation Network and also available for PC for 560 BioWare Points.

The DLC page: http://masseffect.bioware.com/info/dlc/#arrival
A deep cover agent is missing in Batarian space, after reporting evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard must travel to the edge of the galaxy, rescue the agent, and discover the truth behind the Arrival. Uncover new research and 3 new achievements in this spectacular new adventure for Mass Effect 2.

Sounds fun. Will have to look in to buying it.
Posted 05:12pm 20/3/11

I haven't played any of the Mass Effect 2 DLC except the free stuff, and it all looks pretty awesome. Maybe I'll have to go on a DLC buying frenzy and put some serious time back into ME2.

Can you play the DLC after you've already finished the game?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:30pm 20/3/11
Khel, the last two DLCs for this have been some of the best gaming I've played in forever
Posted 06:08pm 20/3/11
since i lost my mass effect 1 and 2 saves im going to get all the DLC and replay them both before me3 is released.
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