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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:57pm 17/03/11 | 43 Comments
In the lead up to the Federal Government's crunch-time SCAG meeting for a final decision on the introduction of an R18+ classification, and a guideline overhaul, Tasmanian Attorney-General, David Bartlett, has done something few other Attorneys-General have - thrown his two cents into the public arena, and in support of the inclusion of an R18+ classification, no less.

“The introduction of an R18+ classification would help give parents a clear idea of which computer games are suitable for their children,” Mr Bartlett said in a statement. "It’s about giving parents clear information, a clearer choice, and more confidence in the games they buy for their children."

"An R18+ category currently applies to other forms of entertainment, like films and some magazines. It’s appropriate to use the same clear and consistent restrictions for computer game," he added. You can read his full statement over on our friends at AustralianGamer's page.

Meanwhile, the Australian Christian Lobby have once again responded to Brendan O'Connor's call for decisive action on the issue, spewing forth the same rhetoric they always do.
ACL does not accept the argument that introducing an R18+ category for games would protect children as it would be naive to think that children would not get a hold of them.

Commercial gaming interests are pushing for the ban on R18+ to be lifted and Mr O’Connor wants this to occur when Censorship Ministers meet at the SCAG (Standing Committee of Attorneys General) in July.
Yours truly left a comment in response to their statement, along with Kotaku's Mark Serrels. Unsurprisingly, neither of them were approved to be published :P

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:58pm 17/3/11
Here's a screen-grab of my unapproved response because I knew they wouldn't approve it (if they do, I'll be amazed)
Posted 05:02pm 17/3/11
Someone write a comment that sounds like you support the ACL, but actually make a farce out of it. <--- DO IT
Posted 05:04pm 17/3/11
If religions listened to logic and reason... there wouldn't be any religions. lol.
Posted 05:06pm 17/3/11
Here's a screen-grab of my unapproved response because I knew they wouldn't approve it (if they do, I'll be amazed)
Ayanami :3
Posted 05:07pm 17/3/11
Commercial gaming interests are pushing for the ban on R18+ to be lifted

Just reading this makes me want to punch someone, they're so clueless.
Posted 05:18pm 17/3/11
are these acl ppl for real? sounds a bit too much like that crazy "think of the children" lady from the simpsons.
Posted 05:42pm 17/3/11
See, the problem with the ACL is it's only coming from the head honchos. The smaller people are actually supporting R18+, and would gladly accept it. But sadly the media only listens to head honchos cause they have the bigger voice.
Posted 05:42pm 17/3/11
also left a comment, interesting that their idea of feedback is more akin to propaganda than a discussion.
Posted 05:52pm 17/3/11
I don't like the term religion. They're all just cults if you ask me....
Posted 05:53pm 17/3/11
I wouldn't even bother commenting on the article on the ACL's site directly, it won't be approved lol.
Posted 05:55pm 17/3/11
I left a comment which aims to publish an important stat, but under the guise of being horrified by the result.

Posted 06:00pm 17/3/11
I left a comment. Let's see what happens. Not holding my breath.
Posted 06:09pm 17/3/11
Wonder if mine will be released
Posted 06:09pm 17/3/11
Comment (no doubt will remain unpublished):

"R18+ material is mostly belittling to zombie aliens.

I wish someone would think of the zombies :( "
Posted 06:13pm 17/3/11
I wish someone would think of the zombies :(
The first thing to do if a R18+ classification is approved is develop a Zombie Jesus game.
ThresheR 593
Posted 06:37pm 17/3/11
As much as i would like to see an R18 rating in oz im not bothered either way , ill just get my games from my relations overseas. Infact i got the uncensored version of Left for dead 2 in Australia from a well Known seller.
Posted 06:51pm 17/3/11
Sigh - I've been holding my tongue for a while but I have to say as a church going, baptised Christian of 31 I am getting seriously frustrated with the way the ACL is behaving. Please rest assured that not all Christians believe that an R-18 rating is a bad thing - in fact, most of those that I talk to are in favour of such a rating.

Case in point, my neighbour's kid (12) was telling me how he's been playing Dead Space and Modern Warfare 2. Obviously this boils down to a failure of the parents to regulate his activities but it also proves that the current system is not working. Hopefully, the correct implementation of an R-18 rating would address this - but I can't see that it would be any worse than it is already.
Posted 07:16pm 17/3/11
Guardian, I 100% agree with you there. Most of the Christians that I have spoken to agree full heartedly that a R18+ is the step in the right direction. But sadly the head honchos at the ACL are just on their high horse.
Posted 07:22pm 17/3/11
Why hasn't Anon acted....
Posted 07:34pm 17/3/11
Well said Andrea!
The push for ‘raising’ the classification to include R18+,as I heard a radio spot define it, comes from selfish adults who need more variety in their explorations into depravity.The TRUTH is that it’s ‘lowering’ the standards but it doesn’t surprise me when I hear some reporters seemingly supporting this classification, since it will make it easier to get a hold of material which isn’t allowed on our shores legally.
God has given them over to their own futile minds, but we must never stop defending childrens minds from filth/violence/porn, which is what will drive profits up for a few business owners, but at what cost to the rest of us?Well done ACl for Taking a Stand, keep up the good fight!

yew, someone forgot the 16th century was over.
Posted 08:08pm 17/3/11
Two Sides to Every Coin

Not in the ACL comments there isnt.

I noticed they did approve one comment that wasnt supporting there stance, albeit a pretty mild one.
Posted 08:41pm 17/3/11
Haha, that Henry bloke is indeed set back a few centuries. Clearly they seem to think allowing an R18+ rating will flood the market with full on porn, rape and filthy human degenerates. Oh wait, are we talking about the Bible?
Posted 08:46pm 17/3/11
hahaha enska wtf... i seriously cant believe some people actually think like that :/
Posted 10:05pm 17/3/11
I wonder if mine will be approved ...

This GREAT nation of Australia needs to follow the Bible and Jesuss' teaching more closely. With out them we are lost. The Bible should be taught in all schools and everyone should have to learn it. Especially passages like the below:

1 Corinthians 14:34 "the women must keep silent. They don't have the right to speak. They must take their place as Moses' Teachings say." (GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995))

1 Timothy 2:12 "I don't allow a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. Instead, she should be quiet." (GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995))

The Ten Commandments:
"4 You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me,"

With these passages we see the way forward. Women should be removed from positions of power and graven idols like video consoles should be removed from the hands of our little ones who worship them.
Posted 10:42pm 17/3/11
Hehe, nicely done Mord. If it mentions God, they'll let it through I'm sure.
Posted 11:02pm 17/3/11
It's a pretty sad state of affairs really. My grandma is probably more full on christian than any of those ACL wankers and she thinks an R18+ rating for games is a good idea.

Of more interest, is the fact that her and all the ladies she goes to church with thought there WAS an R18+ rating for games up until about 18 months ago when it came up in the papers. They simply assumed there was one, the same as there is for magazines,movies etc.
Reason being she isn't a fanatical idiot, and it seems many of her peers/fellow church goers aren't.
Personally if I was a church going type I'd be trying to do something to counteract this stupid dribble that comes from the ACL every time an update on the issue is let loose, because it really seems like one of those "minority making the majority look stupid" deals are going on.
Posted 11:15pm 17/3/11
I just can't understand the logic these people have for not wanting an R18+ rating for it. If it works for other media wouldn't it work for games?

I sure as s*** don't think 15 year olds should be playing half the s*** that gets in under the MA15+.

It's just so frustrating when a small group with so much lobbying power can start f*****g up progress like this. Sometimes I wonder if these political groups just want to do the opposite of what could be benificial just to cause a s****torm and get attention.
Posted 09:09am 18/3/11
With these passages we see the way forward. Australian Idol should be canceled.


A negative post did get up on the ACL article. Anyone from here?

Pretty ridiculous that we know about 10+ people have posted now and not managed to get their reasonable comment (maybe not Mordecai...) through.
Posted 12:40pm 18/3/11
They're filtering it for a reason. They don't want opinions that are to against. They'll show some negativity, but not too much, because they're a bunch of wankers.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:33pm 18/3/11
I emailed them today, to ask what was wrong with my comment, and why it wasn't approved. Still awaiting a response.
Posted 01:40pm 18/3/11
Cool, let us know what you got for Xmas this year as well Steve.
Posted 01:46pm 18/3/11
I emailed them today, to ask what was wrong with my comment, and why it wasn't approved. Still awaiting a response.

I think Ausgamers just needs to have a fight with the ACL

Or would that be proving there point about violent games?

I dont know, my reality is so confused from all the mortal kombat I played as a teenager, they can just put in some coins and get another dude after you kill them right?
Posted 02:14pm 18/3/11
Viper: Do a google for "ACL against r18+" Ausgamers is the number one hit. Then the abc then ACL.

I think we are already in a fight with them and they are losing.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:01pm 18/3/11
I don't do Xmas Enska, I do Festivus
Posted 07:52pm 18/3/11
Haha I like this :P
I am a gamer, and I have run a Computer gaming Lan for the Last 10 years. So I have an informed opinion on Gaming.

If you release R rated games they will end up in the hands of children. Period. Nearly every under age kid that i’ve seen has access to anything/everything they’re not supposed to. Ranging from pirated music, movies and Games, Porn, anything.

I am of the opinion that all games should stay rated less than R. The truth is if any one wanted to ‘add’ that stuff, or mod games to make them R rated they can.
If they want all the characters to be naked they can do it. If they want to take off the ‘blurry’ (sensored) bits in Sims they can. So if the adults want it, someone will do/make it, and those that want it can get it.

If game producing companies stuck to a regulation of M/M+ you can seriously get everything that you ‘need’ for realism out of that. If you introduce R rated what will be unleashed will be insane. It’s not just nudity or Gore, now you’re talking sexual fetish, Rape and anything else the mind can imagine, in 3D in the hands of Kids. Some stuff should stay underground for the minority, not made freely available and become mainstream through lack of control.

I do worry about the classification of some games though. The soon to be released Duke nukem has ALL kinds of dodgey stuff in it. How that’s going to pass I don’t know. Then games like Left for dead 2, gets banned?? Which plays the same as the first, which to me was fine.

So the system is not perfect. I think if the adults have problems with their “freedom”, they should just walk away from their computer go and do it for real instead, and keep it out of the kids hands. And if they adults can’t legally or morally go and do what they want in real life, then maybe there’s a good reason why.

Flame on

Posted 07:56pm 18/3/11
I don't do Xmas Enska, I do Festivus

haha, you get my point ;)
Posted 02:53am 19/3/11
My god, I'm so sick too death of these left wing idiots thinking the best way of dealing with something is to brush it under the mat, I don't care nor believe in religion and I don't care if you do or don't. I like to play games and if I want it too have drugs or naked girls in it, then bloody hell I'm Australian and I'll play that if I wish, if you cant keep your kids on a leash, and worried they will some how grab a game and find out girls have boobies well Bad lack, don't have kids then, although most kids already secretly found the playboy stash from there step father, the catholic priest.
Posted 04:07am 19/3/11
How do you even argue with idiots like that though? The misinformation they're spouting and the flimsy understanding they have of the facts just infuriates me, but it seems no matter how many times someone logically lays the argument out or explains the facts, they're just ignored. How are you supposed to debate an issue with people who don't even bother to get the facts straight, and aren't interested in listening to reason?

Its not like we're some kind of pioneering country that is introducing an R rating for games for the first time and suddenly developers are going to be falling over themselves to make gory rape games (which would probably be too extreme to get an R rating anyway and would still not be released). R ratings for games already exist EVERYWHERE! R rated games are already out there, on shelves, its just in this country they say "M15+" on the cover instead.

And I mean, lets even hypothetically assume for one minute that the crazy notion that an R rating for games is a new thing that would enable game developers to make their games more violent or sexually explicit or whatever, how many game developers do you really think would do that? I mean, we have an R rating for movies, but how many R rated movies do you really see in cinemas these days? Its not like every film-maker out there thinks "Hell yeah, theres an R rating for movies, I can fill my film with gore and rape". Its rare, cos it limits your market, and at the end of the day its all about making money, so game developers are going to want to be aiming at the largest demographic they can.
Posted 11:35am 19/3/11
How do you even argue with idiots like that though?

You don't sadly. They have a set mind and that's it.
Posted 03:24pm 19/3/11
I am a gamer, and I have run a Computer gaming Lan for the Last 10 years. So I have an informed opinion on Gaming.

If you release R rated games they will end up in the hands of children. Period. Nearly every under age kid that i’ve seen has access to anything/everything they’re not supposed to. Ranging from pirated music, movies and Games, Porn, anything.

I am of the opinion that all games should stay rated less than R.

Heh, if "every under age kid has access to [...] pirated music, movies, Games, Porn, anything" then it eliminates all arguments against changing the rating system. In the absence of any arguments to the contrary they might as well add in R18+ because adults are asking for it.

Holy self destructing argument Batman!
Posted 05:06pm 19/3/11
What I find hilarious is that he had kids in his LAN place looking up porn, and playing games clearly not aimed for them. Says something ey.
Posted 02:48pm 22/3/11
A guy I work with had at least maybe 15 of his friends giving him money to purchase Mortal Kombat (all over the age of 18) as we cannot get it in this country, after the customs ban came in and the fear of a fine for importing this game he decided not to go ahead with it. I can confirm almost half of these people are now going to be obtaining this game without any purchase at all... So how many more people will be forced into that decision???
Posted 06:57pm 23/3/11
Meh Children too busy recording school ground fights on there phone to bother with Ratings of a game.
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