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Post by trog @ 05:46pm 16/03/11 | 19 Comments
Valve have released a new update for Team Fortress 2 with a bunch of fixes and changes to the crafting system. The details from the official announcement:
  • Fixed a server crash caused by using the Half-Zatoichi to hit someone not holding a weapon.
  • Fixed the Soldier/Demoman taunts not working correctly when the Half-Zatoichi is the active weapon.
  • Fixed the Concheror animations not always playing correctly for players on the Blue team.
  • Fixed a bug where players could switch weapons after deploying the Half-Zatoichi before they killed someone with it.
  • Updated The Shogun Pack items to be tradeable.
  • Crafting changes
    • All recipes are now known to all players.
    • Reduced the cost of most recipes.
    • Items previously crafted using recipes that will be reduced in this update have been upgraded to Vintage quality.
I am completely out of touch with Team Fortress 2 these days so someone will have to translate in the comments what this means for the game!

team fortress 2
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:07pm 16/3/11
Bleh, it means the game has still gone to s***.

If they had like a barebones server with all the original weapons, outfits etc and none of those damn hats I would still be playing this all the time.
Posted 06:10pm 16/3/11
They do. There are a heap of vanilla servers. I just don't get why people cry about these hats and such. If your stupid enough to buy them, good for you. I'm pretty sure you can get most of the hats and weapons without buying.
Posted 06:12pm 16/3/11
There are?!?!?!?!? Now I really wanna play again, cheers Eorl.
Posted 06:15pm 16/3/11
Haha, it has made me want to play again too. I don't like change that much to an FPS, besides new maps and maybe some new weapons if they're balanced properly.
Posted 06:24pm 16/3/11
These hats are the gayest idea ever.

Its good they are updating game for free every few months but why update it with f***** hats :/

Posted 06:28pm 16/3/11
As I said, it doesn't affect you in anyway. They are just to show off who blows the most money. And they do update it with new maps, and all these updates have been free, compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 having to pay for theirs.
Posted 06:36pm 16/3/11
Team Fortress 2 is the best multiplayer game today. These changes mean pretty much little since everyone has been able to trade weapons and crap. Who crafts? Seriously, if you want a new weapon or item, just trade, its amazing what awesome crap you can get for cheap.
Posted 07:27pm 16/3/11
I actually quite enjoy all these new updates. It means there's always something new to look forward to when I jump on each week.

Hats are ridiculously hard to get except during special events (without buying them), but their great in identifying certain players and some do give me a chuckle every time I see them.

Weapons drop more frequently and they certainly provide a lot more variety in play styles. I'm especially loving the Soldier's 'Direct-Hit' (which has low splash, fast travel but bonus damage for direct hits) and 'Black-Box' (low ammo, but gives you 15% health of damage to enemy) and Engineer's Wrangler (replaces shotgun but allows you to directly control the sentry gun and also buffs it with more firepower and a shield).

Also should point out that certain combos of hats and weapons equipped provide a bonus (and a negative to balance it).

Even though I've been playing since release I still have no idea the advantage of vintage items...
Posted 08:06pm 16/3/11
The hats got even crazier when the introduced unusual hats which is extremely rare to unbox one. This site simulates the amount of keys you have to buy and crates to open in order to get one. I think the best one there was around $4000 worth of keys to get one unusual hat.

last edited by Snakeman at 20:06:50 16/Mar/11
Posted 08:11pm 16/3/11
LOL, cheers for that Snakeman!
Posted 09:01pm 16/3/11
And people will do it. This is why I want to make something like that.
Posted 09:36pm 16/3/11
what do you craft for?
Posted 09:52pm 16/3/11
I just used that simulator and got an unusual hat with 4 keys. What does that even mean?
Posted 10:33pm 16/3/11
Does TF2 do anything else apart from constantly needing to be updated for useless things?
Posted 10:41pm 16/3/11
Team Fortress 2 is the best multiplayer game today.

Sadly, yes.
Posted 11:29pm 16/3/11
Bring back the old TF2! i have like a dozen friends who dont play anymore all because of this crappy crafting stuff....

all they needed to do was keep making new cool maps! but they broke the whole game.. sad
Posted 11:53pm 16/3/11
I just used that simulator and got an unusual hat with 4 keys. What does that even mean?

Dude are you sure it was unusual or just a plain hat ???
Posted 11:55pm 16/3/11
you can now get golden wrenches from crates.
The GuVna
Posted 12:52am 17/3/11
haha that simulator is spot on, I get nothing but paint! :)
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